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An index of the player characters that were created in Everlaster.

Player Characters
Name Player Class Race First Chapter Status
Creek Morrow Sooperphilly Psionic Paladin Human Chapter 1: Stormborn Unknown
Reese Drumlin Feldspar Ranger Human Chapter 1: Stormborn Alive
Moro Anna Druid Half-Elf Chapter 1: Stormborn Alive
Morlum Matt Fighter/Shieldbearer Dwarf Chapter 1: Stormborn Alive
Frer'cahl KC Rogue Drow Chapter 1: Stormborn Unknown
Saffron Grants DJ Druid Half-Elf Chapter 1: Stormborn Withdrew, Alive
Elodea DJ Wizard/Arcane Gunslinger Human Chapter 2: The King's Lament Alive
Rorik Natalie Bard Human/Merfolk Chapter 1: Stormborn Deceased
Kenton Nitro Fighter Human Chapter 2: The King's Lament Alive
Fonia Nitro Ranger Human Chapter 3: Overgrowth Alive
Fayette Vixel Cleric/Alchemist Foxling Chapter 5: Mar'naras and Ashabelanas Alive
Urgnak KC Barbarian Orc Chapter 6: The Five Stages of Grief Alive!
Azu Mylaro Sooperphilly Cleric Pantheran Chapter 9: Truth or Dare Alive
Cyrida Natalie Rogue Elf Chapter 10: The Red Dream Alive
Sabon FakeSnake Vampire Human Chapter 12: Victory or Death Alive