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Cyrida (237 years)
Level 8 Rogue
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Patron Deity: La Lua
Portrayed by Natalie

A bullet for a bulette.


Cyrida is a moon elf rogue companion of The Wild Hunt and joined during the return to The Whisper Hollow chapter. She is played by Natalie.



Cyrida is a typical serpentine beauty. Long, lean, and of La Lua's grace. She is five foot seven and approximately one hundred and thirty pounds. She's pale with eyes of a violet hue. Her hair is long and straight, and similar in shade to that of her eyes. In typical female Northern Caros fashion, Cyrida sports a tight, body hugging one piece dress known as a lapiya in the color turquoise.


Known for being confrontational and rather cunning, Cyrida is somewhat haughty (as opposed to pretentious), and tends to see others (elves and other long-lived creatures excepting) as beings to be pitied. Due to this, she can come of as rather rude. Not only that, but Cyrida has quite the affinity for money, and loves to flaunt her wealth whether material or otherwise. She tends to spend vast quantities of money almost as soon as she gets it, and isn’t stingy with it, either. Her love of money spending does come at a price, as she often finds herself doing whatever she can to make a decent sum unless it's killing anyone who seems as if they may not deserve it. She dislikes the mess of violence otherwise, but cares little for charity.



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Following The Massacre of Farshore

The party was making their return to the Hollow in an effort to assess the damages put upon it by the orcs as they had recently begun burning portions of it in an effort to push farther into human territory. In a return visit to The Bow & Stag, the largest inn/tavern in Meryndan that sits on the border between the Hollow and Nestwood; Cyrida approached the party and began telling them that Azu Mylaro was indeed her property. The party, hesitant to believe such a wild claim, began interrogating her. She admitted that he indeed owed her a few favors and in such, the party allowed her to join them until Azu's bounty with Cyrida was fulfilled.



  • Cyrida is the second Carosi character to be introduced into the party.