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Sabon Oridi (22 years)
Level 20 Vampire Archdemon
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Patron Deity: None
Portrayed by FakeSnake

"Have you ever stopped and wondered how long eternity is?"


Sabon is a Fiend Vampire, companion of The Wild Hunt and joined during the Victory or Death chapter. He is played by FakeSnake.



Sabon is an average human height and weight. He is good looking, and had women screaming his name in the Arena. He always carries his two short swords on his side, along with his journal. Sometimes, poking out of journal, is a note written in Elvish. He wears little armor, and fine black clothing. His nails are a little longer and sharper than most. Sometimes when smiling or laughing his sharp teeth will show, however Sabon rarely smiles with his teeth.


Sabon is kind and friendly to most people. He keeps his thoughts to himself and can be seen writing them down in his free time. Sabon seeks to protect his friends and family whenever trouble comes their way. He always keeps an eye on his surroundings, due to his vampiric nature and time spent at sea. Sabon will often slip away,quietly, at night to feed. He hates the thoughts of killing or feeding on innocent people, but knows that he has little choice if he wants to live.



Sabon Oridi was born in the city of Malnathas. He had a childhood most kids could only dream of having. His mother, Dadi, is an alchemist, and his father, Norlen, is a greatly respected blacksmith. They were fairly wealthy being able to own a nice home in a good area of the city. He had one childhood friend that he nicknamed Rose. Rose is a beautiful elf, that enjoys magic. Sabon and Rose spent their entire childhood together. Their friendship is unbreakable and both highly trust one another. Growing up in Malnathas meant they didn't have to worry about much, therefor Sabon never experienced anything beyond the city.

Teenage Years

As Sabon grew into his teenage years he started practicing with swords, and gained the eye of Norlen’s top client, Carfir. Carfir was the captain of the Vega. The Vega was a ship hired to keep trade routes clear in the [[[Golden Gulf]]] . Carfir saw the potential in the young Sabon, and wanted him to join aboard the Vega. Norlen knew he was too young at the time,and made Carfir a deal, that when Sabon turned 15 he could join Carfir aboard the Vega. Sabon spent the rest of his teenage years fighting pirates,spending long periods of time at sea, and starting to write in a journal. Sabon quickly became the best fighter aboard the Vega, and could out match all of his crew. Carfir promoted him frequently for his fighting skills and brave actions.


On Sabon 22nd birthday, the Vega docked back in Malnathas. Sabon made his way home, to see his family, but only found his mother. His mother explained that Norlen, his father, had been framed for a murder, and was taken off my city guards. The man killed was the husband of a powerful caster, Gilronna. Gilronna was extremely upset, and seek revenge on Norlen by casting a curse onto Sabon. Throughout the night Sabon kept tossing and turning, unable to sleep. His head was pounding, as if someone was hitting him with a hammer. His mouth ached as his new teeth were growing. He started feeling hunger like he had never felt before. Throughout the night he could feel his senses heightening. He could now hear sounds he never would be able to hear. He could sense living people with blood pulsing through their veins. He could see more in the dark than usual. He had been sick before, but he had never felt this sick, or in this much pain. The morning felt as if it would never come. Minutes felt like hours, hours felt like days. When morning came Sabon lay on his bed cold, and stiff. Sabon looked dead, but His mind was running rapid. He was having countless visions and images of draining people's blood, him being a feared beast, an outcast with an uncontrollable hunger. There was one vision that stuck the most however. The vision showed him at sea on the Vega, standing on the top deck staring at Carfir, and as he looked around he could see bodies of his own crew dead. He tried to walk across the room, but was stop by the sunlight shining through the window pane. He felt his skin boil as the light touched him. Rose and her mother came quickly, trying to find a way to reverse the curse, but was unsuccessful. Sabon spent weeks trying to control his new hunger. It was tempting to find someone,alone, in an ally, but he managed to find rats, and birds that satisfied him for short periods. He was able to stay away from human blood, but the hunger tempted him constantly.


The time had come for the Vega to set sail again. Sabon gathered his things and went straight to his room. He spent hours there trying to figure out what to do. When night fell, he made his way to the top deck. He kept to himself, the vision he had wouldn't go away. His inner beast was starting to show. He could feel himself slipping into a beast, and he couldn't stop it. He made his way through the ship killing his entire crew, and not thinking twice as he drained each and every member. Once everyone lay dead, the vision went away. Sabon started feeling more normal and less beast like. When he realized what he had done, it broke him. While Sabon was upset he could feel a weight lifted off his shoulders. He gained more control over his hunger, and the vision went away. The curse put on Sabon forced him to do this. Gilronna knew Sabon worked on the Vega, and used it against him. The "prophecy" put on Sabon, by Gilronna, was complete.

The Sink

Sabon's first appearance in the Everlaster Campaign.


Moments after Thymlyssa’s Defeat

Exhausted, sadden, and reliefed Sabon made his way through the city he once called home. Burning buildings, piles of bodies, blood stained cobblestone, and the scent of death was a lot to take in, for someone who had experienced little loss in their life. The place he once called home now barely recognizable. He walks past his old home which was now nothing more than smoke and ashes. Sabon continues on making his way through the city gates and entering the allied camps. He finds Rose and his mother by a tent. Some hours passed allowing the sun to go fully beneath the horizon and the moon and stars to take their places in the sky. Sabon and Rose go to a nearby field to escape the noisy camp and to be alone. They spend hours laying down looking at the stars, simply enjoying each others presence. Both were distraught and tired; however, both felt a sense of relief knowing Thymylssa had been defeated.

One year later

One year after Thymylssa’s fall Sabon began seeking a place to build a home. Taking Rose with him to explore the wilds, the two spend months searching Draconia for a place to build a new home and start a new life. Eventually, the two find a place in between Nestwood and Kingsrun; the location is set a few miles away from the coast, far enough away to be hidden from sailors eyes… Locked away far enough from civilization to not be disturb. The following months were spent going to nearby towns: Kingsrun, Nestwood, Redrock,etc, in an attempt to compel and charm builders, architects, and designers to help build their new home. Plans were set forth for a large estate, with high walls set around the perimeter of the home, a small beach house, guest housing, a ballroom, multiple large bedrooms, library, and private studies. But most importantly a private room underground dedicated to the adventures of the Wild Hunt.

Five years later

Five years after the fall of Thymylssa Sabon and Rose explored more of Meryndan. Traveling from the dumps of the Hold, Nestwood, Kingsrun, the newly built Farshore, and exploring more of the wilds of the Hollow. They spent years discovering new places, meeting new people, and just being free. Meanwhile,his mother wanted to go back to work, so she did so in Kingsrun, as an alchemist. She began working under Kenton as the court alchemist.

Ten years later

With the consistent building and help of magic the estate was now coming to completion. During this time the two were wrapping up their tour of Meryndan. Now focused on sitting still for awhile they began seeking out servants for the estate. Once the servants began work, the two spent some years in Kingsrun, spending some time with Sabon’s mother, and seeing the new city, ran by Kenton.

Eleven Years later

Having a large estate away from civilization made the two feel lonely and feel something was missing. Since the two could not conceive themselves, Rose hinted at adoption for the past few years. Finally, five years after they settled into their new home, they both agreed on adopting some kids. They adopted two half elf babies(brother and sister, age: 6 months), one female, Ayla Oridi, one male, Vesryn Oridi. The next ten years were spent raising their newly adopted children. The kids were taught at home for their younger years, were they learned common, elvish, reading, writing, etc.

Fifteen years later

With their house now constructed they finally had a place to call home. After a decade of constantly traveling, they took time to relax at home. During these years Rose began teaching Sabon spells whilst Sabon taught her more common. By the end of the decade Rose was now speaking much better Common and Sabon was now able to understand and cast some spells.

Twenty years later

After spending some time at home, the two decided to travel to Caros. Caros was a whole new world to them; however Meryndan seemed better, therefore the two didn’t stay in Caros for long.

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Rose infected

Rose and Sabon have known each other since birth. They both grew up in the city of Malnathas. They were separated for months while Sabon was out adventuring with a new group of people called The Wild Hunt. Coming home to Malnathas, Sabon found his home burn down and Rose hiding, infected with the mind plague. In a final desperate attempt to cure her of the plague and sandmans tears, he turned her into a vampire, ultimately curing her and saving her life.

Ayla & Vesryn Oridi

Ayla & Vesryn Oridi

Ayla and Vesryn were adopted at a young age from the city of Kingsrun. Their biological parents didn't want to raise children, so they sent the newly born children off to an orphanage. Six months later Sabon and Rose went to the orphanage with plans to adopt a child of their own. They found Ayla and Vesryn and knew they were the ones. After the process of adoption was complete they took them home were they were cared for and loved...

Ayla(Sorcerer): Like her brother, Ayla was born with magic coursing through her veins; however she was more reserved than her brother, whom loved to experiment with new spells. Once she was old enough she too was enrolled in The Hunts University of Free Magics, where she could hone her skills.

Vesryn(Sorcerer): From a young age Vesryn expressed a love and talent for magic. He spent long hours in the home library reading anything he could about magic, leading to him polymorphing his sister into a squirrel over a disagreement. Consequently, Rose began teaching him the art of spell casting. Once he was old enough, Vesryn was enrolled at The Hunt's University of Free Magics...


Moro trusted Sabon when no one else did. Sabon sees Moro as a trusted ally and a good friend


Morlum was kind and nice towards Sabon, going as far as to let Sabon feed from him whilst in the Sink. Some decades later Morlum and Sabon are now neighbors and often visit one another from time to time.

The Wild Hunt


  • Sabon is, according to most, the sexiest man in the Hunt.
  • According to Beans Sabon looks like the actor "Aaron Taylor Johnson".
  • Sabon has never ventured outside the city of Malanathas and the Golden Gulf;therefor, everywhere the Hunt goes is a new world to him.
  • Sabon's character idea came from Snake watching too much of The Vampire Dairies