Saffron Grants

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Saffron Grants (26 years)
Level ??? Druid
Alignment: Neutral Good
Patron Deity: N/A
Portrayed by DJ

Saffron Grants is an old friend to The Wild Hunt and one of the original six. He was played by DJ.



Saffron has shoulder length black hair and green eyes. He stands about five feet and eleven inches tall and weighs 110 lbs approximately. Despite being a druid, he would often don simple clothing reflective of his time as an alchemist in Farshore. This remained the same up until his recruitment into the investigation team also known as the Elementalists.


Saffron grew up in Farshore in a simple peasant life alongside his parents studying alchemy as they owned the second apothecary in the city, as Moro's father owned the first. During this time he became passionate about the elements, nature, and animals. For a time around age 20, Saffron went to further journey into becoming a druid. He studied alongside the small wooded areas outside of Farshore in Morrow Peak near the Stormlands before returning and taking over the apothecary.

Following The Massacre of Farshore

With Farshore razed and thousands dead following the orc attack, Saffron joined five other refugees in escaping the city. Upon his attempt at fleeing, he came across his parents curled up together just outside of his family apothecary. Few feet away was a child, buried under rock and screaming for help. Saffron made the decision to assist the girl and risk losing his parents, in which he ended up discovering they had been dead all along. In his sorrow, he powered through towards the Stormlands in an attempt to forget what happened to his parents.

During their entrance to the Stormlands, he joined them in trekking through the dangerous area. After rejecting to assist an Adventure League member by the name of Shishi, he was one of the first to discover what had happened to her comrades on the forgotten path. They were alabaster, covered in dark blue veins, with red eyes and mottled skin. These were few of the first Nephilim and like most of the party, chose to ignore them. In the tavern during a long rest, Reese told Creek and Saffron that they were the only members of the group worth anything. Saffron was silent and passive at the comment, but didn't deny it.

Upon leaving the Stormlands and heading into Kingsrun, Saffron decided that the adventuring life was not for him and that following the death of his parents, all he wanted to do was help others. He left the party on fair terms and vowed they would meet again.


Grandmaster Chen, head of the Arcane Institute made the decision to bring upon an elite group of some of the Institute's most talented sorcerers, wizards, and druids in an effort to combat the spread of strange plane shifts which would leak strange, powerful magicks. He hired a tactician and former expedition scout, Mara Stren to lead the regalia. Saffron, who had made his journey to Redrock following his departure, assisted refugees for a time before being selected into the group alongside three other members by the names of Poppy, Fennal, and Llewen.

The group traveled to multiple locations across Meryndan, sealing rifts and stopping mutations and were incredibly successful in their efforts. Their most daunting task was the Whisper Hollow in which they faced their largest challenge yet. While in The Bow & Stag just outside the forest, Mara told the party of their efforts and asked them if they could find one of her members whom had been lost in the woods for quite some time after being separated by a fire. They agreed.

Upon locating the entrance to the Fey realm, they noticed the bodies of mutated satyrs and drakes lining the ground. Out from the hole crawled Saffron, who had investigated the realm and feared it's danger within as the hole "spoke" to him. The party was excited to meet him once more.

After completing their mission in the Hollow, the Elementalists made their way to Coldmourn after sending a message to the Institute concerning their alliance with The Wild Hunt. Casper had sent an invitation for assistance to the Institute and the Elementalists took the invite, joining them at their sanctuary city known as Deepshore until their next opportunity would arise.


  • DJ took upon a feat for Saffron that allowed him to bestow inspiration on a party member after smiling. This lead to Saffron smiling quite a lot and at awkward times.
  • Saffron was also called the party "cheerleader" for said feat.