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Elodea Delilah De la Rosa De'Finten (also known as Lodi) (24 years)
Level 6 Wizard, 3 Arcane Gunslinger
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Patron Deity: N/A
Portrayed by DJ

"Elodea Delilah De la Rosa De'Finten, Daughter of Giorgio De'Finten and mage extraordinaire-... also known as The Enchantress. How do you do?"


Elodea is a human wizard / arcane gunslinger member of The Wild Hunt and joined the party during the Kingsrun campaign. She is played by DJ.



Elodea is five feet and six inches tall, and slender in figure. She has straight, medium length black hair, deep brown eyes, and of fair skin which is common among many Kingsrun noble women. Elodea is rarely seen without her skull amulet given to her by Yuma.


Known for her calm temperament and constantly having her nose in a book, Elodea is likely the only party member who prefers to listen before she speaks. Her comprehensive knowledge on history, the arcane, and the world itself is unmatched among the group. Whether this is due to being partially socially inept, shy or simply due to the fact that Elodea knows how to manipulate those who underestimate her based upon her extensive knowledge is unknown. Regardless, Elodea often appears as closed off or introverted when in comparison to the rest of the party. Elodea would much rather prefer a night among a good book and a warm bed than one filled of drunken stupor and nonsensical behavior. Elodea's focus, patience, and drive for something greater leaves little to be unrecognized.



Elodea was raised in Kingsrun among many nobles due to being born into the DeFintin House, a family based around a blacksmiths company which produces some of the finest weapons and armor Drakonia has ever seen. Giorgio DeFintin, her father, was a man of great jurisdiction but cared very little of developing a proper relationship with his own daughter. So much so that Elodea was not told she had any family other than he until she personally met her aunt, Catalina Brier for the first time in Nestwood.

For most of her childhood it was spent reading books of all sorts. Fairy tales, books of nature, medicine, science, not a single page was left untouched. The books that truly interested Elodea the most were the books on history, and what she had learned from history is that if you want to survive in the world, you need power. Power was something her father, Giorgio, clearly had but he was nowhere near the level that of King Rossleigh or Thymlyssa.

After relentless begging for her father to allow her to study elsewhere, he finally agreed and allowed his daughter to adventure the world in order to further explore her arcane abilities. Elodea went from capital to capital, learning different techniques and spells all to broaden her cabinet of magic. That was until she was summoned by her father to indeed return to Kingsrun to assist him in a few matters concerning the tensions of war.

Following The Massacre of Farshore

Elodea was not present in the initial escape from Farshore, due to the fact that Elodea had lived in Kingsrun her entire life. However, that did not mean that the ripples of the damage done did not effect her. Giorgio wished to keep her locked inside and away from the world in an effort to keep her safe as war was on the brink of completely breaking out among the kingdom. Yet, this did not halt Elodea from her rebellious nature. In a chance meeting, Elodea met the Farshore refugees and asked to tag alongside them in exchange for her magical prowess. Initially, the party was distrustful of her but in time grew to appreciate her presence.

For the most part, Elodea kept to herself. It wasn't until one night at camp during their time in The Whisper Hollow that the party truly opened up to her completely following the reveal of Yuma. Following their efforts in the Hollow, Elodea was given the title "The Enchantress" for her dark, mysterious appearance and grasp on all things magic.

In Magport, the party met Roxi Leighton and Randall Leighton, a pair of pirate twins who worked beneath Captain Casper Yellow-Eye on her ship, The Good Luck. Instantly, Randall felt a great attraction for the simple and practical Elodea as she was something far out of his reach. The two bonded and Randall revealed his attraction for her, which Elodea agreed to one date with him. Elodea was given one of Casper's flintlocks and has used such weapons alongside her magic ever since.

In Malnathas, Randall and Elodea had a date in which the two agreed to go steady. In Elodea's vision during the blood right that tied the party to the Elven Empress Thymlyssa, Elodea envisioned sitting upon the crystal fountain on a rainy night in the Malnathas shoppe district, an enormous, black dragon sitting upon a roof as Randall handed her a gun with a purple glow.

Few weeks later, at the Summer Palace Randall risked his life for the The Wild Hunt so that they may go on and destroy the Nephilim. The two shared a kiss and Randall gave her one of his guns as a goodbye.

Elodea has since embraced the gunslinger lifestyle, and even begun combining such abilities with magic. Upon the arrival at Deepshore, she returned Randall's gun to his twin sister, Roxi who in return gave her a rare artifact blueprint which contained a psionic crystal infused sniper rifle, called The Diplomat.



Moro and Elodea have a deep respect for one another and consider each other friends. They are two sides of the same coin, just different magics. Moro holds great respect for Elodea and unlike others, considers her a skilled arcanist and powerful wizard.

Randall Leighton

Randall Leighton was the short-term lover of Elodea. The two had met on The Good Luck after paying a small fee for a boat to Malnathas. During their time on the ship, Randall showed increasing interest for Elodea. At the end of their time on the ship, Randall asked to take her out on a date when she had free time in the elven city. She agreed, and the two enjoyed a night at a local tavern. The pair agreed to go steady. In just a few weeks, Randall sacrificed himself at the Summer Palace and left Elodea with a kiss and one of his two flintlocks. He admitted that for the short time they had been together, it was the most genuine feeling and relationship he had ever had.

Roxi Leighton

Roxi Leighton was the twin sister to Randall Leighton and thus, upon his death, Elodea felt severe waves of guilt despite the sacrifice being of his chosing. The pair did not speak for some time and whether Roxi held resentment for Elodea was unknown but Elodea felt that was the case. In actuality, Roxi simply didn't want to confront the fact her brother was dead and saw remnants of him in Elodea. In Coldmourn, now known as Deepshore, the pair had an exchange and a mutual understanding that their grief is valid both ways.


Frer'cahl and Elodea were friends during the time Frer was apart of the Hunt. The two bounced off each other quite easily and Frer even gave her a personal nickname of "Lodi". Upon Frer's betrayal, Elodea was one of the few who felt neutral to his departure and did not harbor hatred as others did.


Rorik and Elodea were relatively close when in comparison to other members of the Hunt, and his death deeply affected Elodea. She was the first one to insis they attempt a proper funeral despite the harsh surroundings of the Black Forest so that he may rest peacefully.

Casper Yellow-Eye

Similar to Roxi, Casper-Yellow Eye and Elodea had a strange, distant relationship following the death of Randall. Elodea was the one who informed her that he had passed, and Casper relayed that Randall wanted to prove that he could be worth more than just a swindler or thief by doing something great for those he deeply admired. While Casper was often came across as aloof when discussing things among the Hunt, she was raw in front of Elodea discussing the death of Randall.

After becoming an adviser to the Hunt, Casper began studying Elodea more closely. She feels a great admiration for the girl as she sees bits and pieces of Randall living deep within her.


  • Elodea is known as the Hunt's punching bag as DJ is seemingly cursed by the dice gods to roll low. An example of this is during their quest to clear out the fungi in Rana's basement, she was captured by the plant tentacles and slammed on the ground until near death. This provoked the "where's the leak ma'am" joke among the group.
  • Elodea is unintentionally similar to Percy in Critical Role.
  • Elodea has a stare that could burn a hole through a wall that was previously considered "creepy" but is now considered endearing.
  • Elodea was formerly lawful evil until a shift to chaotic good following the death of Randall at the Summer Palace.
  • Elodea has a raven named Geoffry, not Jeffery.
  • Known for wearing dark, gothic colors: Elodea is the only current member of the Hunt who doesn't don the color green.