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Moro (also known as Isilme Aranel) (22 years)
Level 13 Druid
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Patron Deity: The Elder Spirits, Rama and Naur
Portrayed by Anna / bulnosaur

Hail and well met, my dude.


Isilme Aranel, also known as "Moro", is a half-elf druid member of The Wild Hunt and one of the original six. She is played by Anna / bulnosaur.



Moro is a twenty-two year old half-elven woman standing around six feet tall, with dark skin and natural dark brown hair, which is constantly full of leaves of varying colors. She athletic in build and covered in freckles and varying tattoos. Moro is rarely seen with sleeves.


Moro is pragmatic and a dead-pan realist. Strangers often confuse Moro's independence and strength of spirit for a rash personality and headstrong disposition. One thing that defines Moro other than her neutral nature, is her tendency to self-loathe and of feeling guilt over the actions of others. When accused for being the reason for the death of Vahlia by her father Marc Fox, Moro admitted all responsibility before having to be convinced by Morlum that it was indeed Vahlia's choice so that Moro may go on living. For the most part, Moro keeps her emotions to herself. To those who earn her trust, beneath Moro's tough exterior is a heart of gold and a deep love for those she calls friend.



Moro was born to a small, elvish Druid community in the Black Forest. Her mother, Ara, a full elf and the shaman of the Tribe of the Moon Dragon, Rama. Her father, a human and traveler, left the Black Forest without so much as a word when he found out her mother was pregnant. She was raised mostly by her mother in the Black Forest where she was fully integrated into the ideals and lifestyle of a Druid, and inducted at age 10. As time passed, she began to notice the subtle contempt for her human half by those in the community, her own mother included. She began to wonder about who her father was, and in turn what her human part made her. Her mother never spoke of him and the only information she could find was that he was from Farshore. Moro, having felt a void growing for her absent father, attempted to persuade her mother into allowing her to go to Farshore. She was forbidden from seeking any more information and her inquiries about him were mostly ignored. Angry and desperate to fill whatever had been left empty by his abondonment; Moro took her spear some traveling supplies, and her viper companion, Ymma, and set out in the dead of night and began her journey to find her father. Before she left she was intercepted by Malu, a member of her mother's Circle and her own mentor. Malu, knowing she could not stop Moro, gave her the horn of Rama, an ancient relic kept by the tribe and entrusted to the Shaman when they came of age, so that Rama coud continue to watch over Moro in her journeys. After the tearful exchange with Malu, Moro turned her back on the Ramalocien for what she thought was forever. The outside world was a shock, since she had only ever known the sheltered trees of the Black Forest. The trip itself was rough, and Moro arrived at the city a different person. However, the complete lack of forethought hit her as she realized that she knew nothing about her father, not even his name. The city was confusing and foreign. She wandered the streets, feeling more and more lost until she came across a small apothecary tucked into an alley, almost completely hidden from the main road. She went in and could finally breath a sigh of relief to be around plants again. The shopkeeper was an incredibly old man, and when he saw how lost and confused she was he tried to comfort her and find out what her story was. Upon finding out she was a Druid and in desperate need of shelter and care, he offered her an apprenticeship, since he had no one to take over the shop when he died, in exchange for a place to stay while she carried out her search for answers. Moro happily agreed. For several years she split her time between working in the apothecary and looking for any leads that could point her towards her father. Moro soon took the shop over for the man, Regis Falkan, who had become the father she had never had. Moro had become well known by many people throughout Farshore due to the high quality of her medicine and aptitude for healing, having truly made a name for herself in the 6 years she'd been there. The urgency to find her real father soon faded from her mind as someone had finally filled that void he had left. She let the busy work of running the shop become her new life and focus.

Following The Massacre of Farshore

Since the Massacre of Farshore, Moro has been traveling alongside a group who formerly only knew themselves as refugees. Not only did Moro prove herself exceedingly useful with her knowledge of nature but incredibly powerful as a tempest of the elements. Until the group had entered The Whisper Hollow, Moro had remained generally reserved. By meeting one of her worships, Yuma, Moro came out of her shell and revealed a vulnerability foreign to the group. Since that time, Moro has become a pinnacle member and one of the leaders of change. Dedicated to slaying the evil plague of Nephilim, she found passion in solving mysteries and discovering the truth behind it's outbreak. Moro took Thymlyssa's bloodright without much hesitation and dedicated her life to the cause of solving the diplomatic conflicts between the four nations. She also got engaged.

Moro revealed her true name, Isilme, in the Black Forest and also brought the fact that she was to be the leader of her people but refused the title in an effort to locate her father. Upon arriving at Coldmourn (now Deepshore), Moro has embraced that the true enemy are the the Nephilim and that anyone who stands in The Wild Hunts way must be brought to justice.


Morlum Kraggden

Morlum is Moro's best friend and trusts him with her life. Despite their initial misunderstandings and Morlum's demands for her to "toss him", the two have grown incredibly close and rely on each other rather significantly. The two have often had their fair share of laughs, fights, and tears together. They two are also the resident alcoholics and often drink themselves into stupors.

Vahlia Isyn (Fox)

Vahlia was the lover and fiancée to Moro. The two met in Kingsrun following the string of murders caused by the effigy killer, revealed to be Vahlia's older brother, Caius. They grew close through their time in The Whisper Hollow and Moro fought diligently against the nephilim that plagued Vahlia following the "defeat" of Caius. While initially Moro was rather passive, in time the both opened up to each other and began a romance. The two, despite coming from completely different worlds, rarely fought and had an incredibly healthy relationship. They were engaged in Malnathas at the crystal fountain. At the Summer Palace, Vahlia sacrificed her life to contain the nephilim and thus allowed Moro to go on with the promise she would do what she would to make the world better.

Reese Drumlin

Reese and Moro have a rather antagonistic relationship. The two often butt heads due to their similar pragmatic behavior. They have often argued and have even fought in an arena after Rana pitted them against each other for one last time. Despite this, Moro has come forth and admitted to considering Reese 'family' when convincing Lann Marches to not commit suicide.

Elodea DeFintin

Elodea and Moro are good friends and get along rather well. Rarely have the two ever disagreed on anything and for the most part, Elodea is one of the few party members in which Moro truly trusts. She considers Elodea a fantastic spell user despite Elodea's frequent struggle with such things.


Moro often saw Frer'cahl as dirty, and a nuisance. Yet, he was an enigma to her in which she wanted to discover his true identity. Following his disappearance at the Summer Palace alongside Danassa T'syth, Moro now carries around his rat, Raff, in her bag due to her knowledge that Frer can spy on them using him.

Lann Marches

Lann Marches was the son of Gregory and Juliana Marches of Farshore nobility and house. Following the massacre, Lann was the only survivor the family and thus retreated to Nestwood. After the party murdered his aunt who had adopted him following Farshore's destruction, Moro convinced him to not commit suicide by jumping off of a seaside cliff with the guarantee that life was indeed worth fighting for. With a clutch natural 20, she also brought forth that he was a paladin of an unknown diety and thus he gave his life to the Hunt. Moro sees Lann as mostly naive but with great potential.


Urgnak was initially seen by Moro as a possible danger to her friends due to his childlike disposition, resulting in a rather rocky start to their relationship. However, since then Moro has fully accepted Urgnak into the group due to his own reigning in of his curiosity.

Azu Mylaro

While not thinking much of Azu Mylaro joining the group, Moro does at times fond herself wondering that if the time came where his loyalty was put to the test that he would choose Caros above the group and by extension Meryndan. She wouldn't blame him for making such a choice but it does make her wary of entrusting him with too much. Other than this she considers Azu a competent member of the group and appreciates his healing prowess, though on occasion she will get irritated with some of his opinions.

Sabon Oridi

Moro is one of the few members of the Hunt that has no distrust or unrest regarding Sabon and his vampiric state. She views him as a valuable addition to the group and is getting increasingly annoyed with the treatment he has been getting from some of the other members. Recently she mentioned to Sabon and Morlum that vampires are sort of a common occurrence in the Black Forest, explaining her quick and easy acceptance of Sabon.


  • Moro is a vegetarian.
  • Unknowingly, Moro had brought the word "dude" into common language.
  • Moro has an uncanny ability to attract animals to her. Currently, Moro is the "master" of Ymma, Pepper, and Yses.
  • Moro was granted the title of daughter by Yuma.
  • If Moro was real and in college, her major would be biochemistry.
  • Moro has four weapons: a spear, a scimitar, Ymma, and an adamantine bow.
  • Moro has 9 tattoos visible to those who can see them. They are moon cycles on bottom of her lower right arm, dragon wrapped around a scimitar on her upper right arm, that tattoo that was in ari's painting on her back, a dragon skull on the back of her neck, wolf's bane and ivy wrapping from around her left wrist all the way up her arm, deer antlers across her chest and clavicles, a snake wrapped around her right calf, a constellation on her left foot, and chains wrapped around her left thigh.
  • Moro has several piercings in various locations