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Morlum Kraggden (120 years)
Level 9 Shieldmaster, Level 4 Artificer
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Patron Deity: N/A
Portrayed by Matt / mattloaf



Morlum Kraggden is a dwarf shieldmaster member of The Wild Hunt and one of the original six. He is played by Matt / mattloaf.



Morlum is a short, stocky dwarf with very long black hair on his head and face. He has "baby blue eyes" and a large, bulbous nose. Due to one too many ales in his time, Morlum has a rather large ale belly and a thick layer of pudge covering his muscles.


Morlum is goofy, playful, and fiercely dedicated to those he calls friend even to the point of his own demise. His passion and devotion makes him the most gregarious of the group. However, Morlum is rather quick to anger and often steps on many toes without realizing before it's too late. With his lack of filter, childish behavior, and stubborn ways; Morlum gets into great trouble rather often. Due to this, Morlum often receives a heavy dose of comeuppance in return for his impulsive nature. However, his adoration for his family, friends, animals, and children make Morlum the loveable oaf that he is.



Very little is known about Morlum's life prior to his arrival in Farshore. Whether this is intentional or not continues to be a mystery.

Morlum often remained out of the spotlight during his time in Farshore. He worked as a quiet, keep to himself handyman by day and contracted mercenary by night. His simple home sat within in the heavily settled portion of town known as the market district. The citizens of Farshore often recognized the home for the loud shouting emitting from within it as his mother Vobraemora would often shout for little reason. Despite this, Morlum, his mother, and his adopted elven daughter Ghilanna lived a happy, quaint lifestyle.

The Massacre of Farshore left Morlum devastated and changed after he watched his daughter burn alive after being unable to break down the door to her room. He also watched as his mother was forcibly dragged off by orcs, unable to help her as her head was slammed to the ground thus leaving her unconscious.

Following The Massacre of Farshore

Since the Massacre of Farshore, Morlum has been traveling alongside a group who formerly only knew themselves as refugees. Morlum, donning a wash bucket for a hat, large burlap sack for outfit, and two wooden shields for weapons did he prove that he didn't care much for flair but for efficiency. He often rubbed the members of the group the wrong way with his combative attitude, irrational decisions, and demands for them to "toss him" at enemies. An example of his irrational behavior is when he spent 30 gold on a jar of butterflies, most dead, but one still fluttering about. Over time, however, Morlum proved that he would do anything for those he cared about and thus, that made Morlum a pivotal member of the party. While in Kingsrun, Morlum chugged a tankard of ale containing golden coins and would often dance on tavern tables, establishing himself as the life of the party. His love of pancakes also came forth after being given a large plate of them by a pretty dwarf waitress at The Yellow Rose.

Morlum and Moro grew rather close and often leaned on each other as dear friends, while he also looked to Frer'cahl as a friend as well. He would often butt heads with other members of the party such as Creek and Reese, often resorting to mocking them and playing pranks on them. In The Whisper Hollow, Morlum set aside his agnostic opinions and accepted Yuma as a deity. He was granted the title of guardian, and has embraced that title devotedly ever since.

During the groups time on The Good Luck alongside Casper Yellow-Eye and her crew, Morlum revealed a strange side of himself the group had never seen. Morlum was fierce and even angry, saying the words "Don't fuck with Lord Colejorn" and siding with the dwarves, rather than the party itself. This has been a troubling topic since, as Morlum does not recall these strange personality switches.

In the Amethyst Quarter at Thymlyssa's citadel in Malnathas, upon opening his door did Morlum find a portrait of his daughter and for the first time revealed an emotionally vulnerable side. He and Moro embraced, crying together as the party also supported him during this time. During the bloodright to induct the party into The Wild Hunt, Morlum was first to step forward and slit his arm open. He then did a fist-to-heart salute, replicating that of the one dwarven warriors do when addressing Lord Colejorn.

Morlum grew stronger, more fiesty, and significantly more of a leader following the destruction of the Summer Palace and witnessing the sacrifice of Vahlia, Fonia, Kenton Sterling, and Randall Leighton. He was often first to step forward and assume the role of guide in an effort to keep everyone diligent.

Following his arrival at Deepshore, Morlum has shockingly become somewhat of a moral compass to the rest of the Hunt.

After assisting Pierre take control of the throne in Nestwood, Morlum and the party set off to investigate and restore The Hollow. Dark necrotic energy, fires, evil monsters, and Orcs had all but consumed the forest. Venturing with the newfound Elementalists and remnants of the Warsong lead by Fonia, the party stumbled upon a portal to a dream like world in which they have never seen. After much travel Morlum was separated from the party by unknown forces and the rest of the party was to witness the night before the Farshore attack from Morlum's perspective. This included meeting his daughter Ghillianna, a full elf, and learning about how Morlum came to be her guardian and new father. Once this dream ended, the party found Morlum in the center of a summoning circle which was used to summon a Beholder. Morlum was under total control of the Beholder and was forced to fight his friends. Morlum was able to fight the mind control and the party defeated the Beholder.

In their quest to restore The Hollow, the party found themselves transported into a vision by Yuma of the past during the war between the Humans and the Drow. They were lead by a young half elf drow to somewhere deep in the forest. The young girl was strangled to death by Derrik Drakon, after attempting to protect a gravely injured deer. The party witnessed the deer re-appear as a deer spirit with large flaming antlers, which lead the party to Yuma's Bluff. Morlum played out the creation of Yuma with the use of The Heart of the Forest. Once completed, the party was set back into the real world, and came to Yuma's aid, only to be met with the Black Dragon which destroyed the Summer Palace. By far the toughest fight the party had ever faced, which resulted in Morlum's demise mid battle.

After the battle with the dragon and the restoration of Yuma, the party was offered a chance to revive Morlum, similar to Fonia and Vahlia. Morlum was resurrected in front of the party through the spirit of Ysus. Yuma granted the party one last chance to say goodbye to those who had fallen along their journey including Morlum's daughter, Reese's younger brother, Vahlia, Randall Leighton, and Fonia's parents. Morlum now has a small pair of developing antlers and the urge to understand more about the world and the powers it possesses.



Moro is Morlum's best friend and the person he trusts most. He honors to protect and defend her with his life, despite her insisting she doesn't need such things. The reason for this is Morlum views Moro as more than just a friend, but comparative to his own adopted daughter who he lost in Farshore. The two often get into crazy antics (often under Morlum's influence) and would do anything for each other.


Frer'cahl was a friend to Morlum and one of the few members of the party who understood and would often partake in his nonsensical shenanigans. The two would often share a tent together and did not judge the other for any perceived grossness. Morlum was deeply cut by Frer'cahl abandoning the party at the Summer Palace, and is conflicted on how he truly feels for the drow following that.

Vahlia Isyn (Fox)

Vahlia and Morlum were dear friends and Morlum would often help Vahlia in gathering Moro's attention. The two bonded quite heavily during their time in The Whisper Hollow and spent many nights alongside the fire talking about assorted subjects. Morlum was the first to find Vahlia in Malnathas and assisted her in finding a ring so that she may propose to Moro. When Vahlia died, Morlum mourned her loss greatly.

Creek Morrow

Creek Morrow and Morlum were polar opposites and thus the two often bickered. Creek was seen as sophomoric and pompous by Morlum, and thus would often mock the paladin because of his naive nature.


Urgnak and Morlum bonded quite well over their love of drinking, and their love of a good fight. Urgnak managed to sever Morlum's arm in a sparring ring and Morlum didn't get angry. When Catalina Brier showed more attention to Urgnak, Morlum was jealous and even detested Urgnak for a short time.

Rana El' Shazar

Rana and Morlum often argued as Rana is one of the few people who can "out-shout" Morlum into submission. Rana also has a habit of badgering Morlum for his ridiculous acts. An example of this is when Rana snatched Morlum's burnt chicken sandwich and turned it to ash in his hands, angering the dwarf deeply. However, the two respect each other despite this as Rana assisted Morlum in fixing his arm.


  • Morlum often walks around naked without much shame.
  • In few instances, Morlum has called himself "Tyrious" in strange switches of his own personality...
  • Morlum refuses to give up a good fight, even when it's burning him alive. Morlum once made a sandwich consisting of a chicken burned black, cayenne powder, and two thick slices of bread which would do 1d4 burning damage to him whenever he would take a bite.
  • So far, Morlum has had the most weapon changes out of every character. He has cycled through multiple shields since the start of the campaign.
  • Morlum was once slapped in Malnathas by a woman after asking her where the whores were.
  • Instead of being typical and picking a feat that might of given him a buff, Matt chose Morlum's first feat to allow him to be able to craft a new limb out of any material he could find. This has come in handy as Morlum has made a wing for a crippled butterfly, and an arm for himself after it was severed by Urgnak.
  • If Morlum was an Overwatch character, he would be Reinhardt.
  • During the battle with the Beholder, Morlum rolled an incredible Nat 20 to break free of the mind control.