Creek Morrow

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Creek Morrow (19 years)
Level ??? Paladin / Psion
Alignment: Lawful Good
Patron Deity: The Mother
Portrayed by Sooperphilly

"Hahaha, watch out, I'm ~so~ dangerous, I'll turn you into a frog with my magic powers!"


Creek Morrow is a human paladin and psion ex-member of The Wild Hunt and one of the original six. He was played by Sooperphilly.



Creek is a handsome human male with short, layered, chestnut colored hair. He has brown eyes and a well-groomed goatee adorning his chiseled face. He stands around six feet and three inches tall and has a good, healthy physique. He donned steel plate armor and an attuning blue gem necklace around his neck until he gave it to Fonia.


During his time in the party, Creek was not only known for being terribly pious but carrying an incredible urge to help others in need. His childlike soul and desire to help those in need during a time of crisis was commended and often time an annoyance to the more neutral members of the party. He acted as a leader to the group, attempting to steer them in a direction which would lead them on a track of victory with little success.

In terms of life experience, Creek was sorely lacking. He had never felt any affection save for the maternal love of his mother, and he'd only ever had two real friends, who were really just his underlings, whether he had realized it or not. He may of had the body and mind of a man alongside the drive of a true defender, but his spirit was always that of a child.



Born in a noble family with little influence in the world, Creek lived a quiet life with no corruption or real drama, as his parents preferred. This family owned a small amount of land outside the city of Farshore known as Morrow Peak, where a few farmers under their servitude resided alongside the Morrows.

He made a few friends with the local peasants, namely Jackson, a life-long best friend who was a son of a farmer, and Petre, Jackson's younger brother. Other than that, his parents almost made it their life's goal to never discuss worldly problems with Creek, endeavoring to avoid discussions about even local events around Creek's earshot. Any servants that corrected Creek's understanding of the world even slightly were terminated.

As a result, Creek knew little of the world save those he read of in the local library, completely enthralled by tales of heroic adventurers and their trials. Despite being forced into serving as a paladin to uphold his family's name, Creek was overjoyed to hear he would learn the way of the sword to protect the land, just as the heroes he read of. In fact, it was so exciting that he even ran away with his gear before he finished training, motivated to help protect the world and not waste any more precious time training. He ran off to Farshore, passionate to begin his journey the morning before the Massacre of Farshore.

Following The Massacre of Farshore

Thrust into a world of turmoil and sudden outbreak of war, Creek was forced to use whatever knowledge he had acquired during his training as a regime of orcs began tearing Farshore to pieces. Morrow Peak was destroyed in the invasion, and his parents were kidnapped. He quickly gathered a few survivors and began heading into the Stormlands in an effort to escape the burning, ravaged city. He was a driving force to the party and bravely led them through the treacherous storms that plagued the land and onward towards Kingsrun, where the party could find solace and deliver documents they had collected after defeating an orc warlock by the name of Tumnuk.

Once in Kingsrun, the party began delving into a set of murders which had been haunting the city for a short time. Creek attempted to use his noble name on multiple occasions, but in a world of crisis, few seemed to care for his position in the world. Upon discovering the culprit of the murders was in fact the brother of a noble girl they had met named Vahlia, they delved into the sewers to defeat the abomination created through a necrotic ritual using the victims of the killings. They rescued Vahlia, who was the final piece of the ritual, and Creek was honored by King Rossleigh, giving his house a slightly higher title. However, the sister known as Constantine called him a defector to Seraphism for allowing a drow to journey alongside them. He vowed her an enemy.

In the Whisper Hollow, Creek met Fonia and requested she be spared from the party's worry that she was a spy. He fought against Chieftan Cheyuma of the Warsong and defeated her, dismantling the Adventure League from further influence. Upon meeting the fey goddess Yuma, Creek continued to consider her lowly when in comparison to the Mother, despite the party heckling him for even believing in Seraphism at all. He invited Fonia to come along with them to see the world after being sheltered for so long in the Hollow. Upon discovering the Nephilim, Creek became a valiant warrior dedicated in the cause of ending this plague of mindless men and women trapped in their own subconscious.

During their time on The Good Luck, Creek was pressed against the thieving pirates they journeyed with. He felt that what they were doing was wrong and went as far as to side with the dwarves when the ship was boarded, being forgiven by Casper despite betraying her. That night, he and Fonia sat alongside a wall and held hands as they discussed how they felt for each other. The two of them agreed to go steady.

In Malnathas, Creek was weary of Thymlyssa's influence and her proposition in becoming apart of her "unit", The Wild Hunt. Despite this, he dedicated himself alongside the other members in an effort to bring diplomacy in a world torn apart by war. He participated in the blood ritual, becoming bound to the elven empress. When at the Summer Palace, he assisted Frer'cahl in killing Constantine and began to show a doubt for the Mother's existence at all. It was then that during their council at the palace did the nephilim attack and Garothmuk alongside the aspect of the Mother began murdering thousands of both nephilim and attendees to the ball. Creek revealed his psionic abilities here and stomped the ground, cracking it to bits and killing hundreds of nephilim in one go. Creek lead the party to safety after being nearly overwhelmed through a hallway until they discovered there was no way out. When Vahlia, Randall, Kenton, and Fonia sacrificed themselves so the Hunt could survive, Creek and Fonia shared a kiss and a promise that she would always be with him.

The fire that once burned so wildly in Creek's belly had died upon losing everything at the palace, and he began to act rather strangely. His drive was no longer there and he had lost nearly all passion in leading the Hunt. One night during their venture into the Black Forest did Creek disappear without a trace. Nobody has seen or heard from Creek since. The party presumes that he was hunted by Thymlyssa for betraying her upon leaving his duties, but whether or not this is true is unknown...



Reese and Creek bonded rather well together and Creek got along with him more so than other members of the party. The pair often would joke around together and Reese even went as far as to say that he and Creek were the only valuable members of the party. Creek agreed.


Elodea and Creek also bonded rather well as they both came from similar backgrounds of being noble children. While Creek would often find Elodea odd at times, the two shared banter and understood what it meant to come from a family who wanted everything and all from them.


Fonia and Creek bonded together as Creek introduced her into society following her exit from the druidic tribe of the Warsong. The two grew close and would shyly flirt together before the two gently agreed to go steady. Upon Fonia's "death", Creek strangely lost any passion which remained in continuing onward.

Moro and Morlum

Moro and Morlum were both seen as one individual by Creek, both taking things with a lack of seriousness and being overtly childlike about small problems. Very seldom did he get along with the two and the two would often gang up on him.


Rorik was often seen as a fool by Creek, knowing his promiscuity to often get him into bouts of trouble. However, the two would often joke and were generally friendly to the other.


  • Creek was the first Everlaster character ever made.
  • Creek was often joked as being a jedi after multiclassing into a psion.
  • His appearance can be compared to that of Alistair from the Dragon Age series, except with brown hair.
  • Prior to his exit, Creek was the only other party member other than Elodea who didn't don the color green at any point in his outfits.
  • Creek the only lawful good character in the party and somehow maintained that position despite being in a party full of neutral and even evil characters.
  • Creek was one of the potential suitors for Princess Theodora Drakon before her capture by Garothmuk.
  • If he was an Overwatch character, he would be Orisa.