Azu Mylaro

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Azu Mylaro (26 years)
Level 10 Cleric, Level 5 Monk
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Patron Deity: Sól
Portrayed by Sooperphilly

"You should do what you think is best. Why limit yourself because of what others tell you?"


Azu Mylaro is a Pantheran cleric, a member of The Wild Hunt and is the newest addition to the team. He is played by Sooperphilly.



Azu is a short, thin Pantheran with short grey fur covering his whole body and digitigrade legs, with two fuzzy ears atop his head, and dreadlocks surrounding his face. He has green eyes, a small muzzle, and a big, optimistic smile that speaks with a definitively Carosi-style accent.


Azu is mischievous and distrusting to those he is unfamiliar with, and tries to learn as much as he can about anything set in front of him before acting, but once he learns more about someone and learns to trust them, he trusts them wholeheartedly. Ultimately, Azu tries to live up to his expectations as a cleric of his homeland and therefore tries to help as many people as possible, but he also is terrified of the concept of death and therefore hesitates with most of his decisions.



Azu was born in the Pantheran capitol city of Shasa as a member of the clerical caste, and was raised with a basic education alongside his elder sister Leterra, his mother Katra, and his father Vemberlo.

As a member of the clerical caste, Azu was expected to train with his master Sinjo and his pupils until he reached a mastery while also being a full citizen of the capitol as soon as he could fend for himself. Therefore, in his early adulthood, Azu started his practice as a fisherman off the coastline as early as fourteen years of age, as well as occasionally volunteering in the construction of defenses from the hurricanes and monsoons that would threaten the lower district -- a practice he was berated for but he practiced anyways.

Training in the clerical order was not an easy road for Azu, but he went down it anyways. Trained in wild combat, Azu never truly mastered the art of combat but was always competent in defending himself, and was a master in the domains of conjuration and abjuration to make up for it. Weak of body but strong in mind and grace, Azu slowly but surely earned his mastery at the age of 24, later than his peers but certainly an achievement either way, and began practicing his healing services immediately, sealing a contract with Cyrida as his first patient. a contract he initially thought was a stroke of luck. To complete his mastery, Sinjo sent Azu on a pilgrimage to all the nearby settlements to reach a greater understanding of the scope of the world around him, which was when Azu was captured and sold into slavery.


Upon his return from his pilgrimage, Azu caught sight of an unusual landing of ships just off the coastline of Lamos Da. Climbing a tree, he investigated further, to find an illegal slave trade occurring, being run by elves and one of the noblehouses of Lamos Da -- Karim Madihi Ali. Too far from nearby civilization to report in time and enraged by this clear violation of others, Azu engaged the smugglers alone, and was quickly dispatched and captured. Recognizing his clerical status, the smugglers decided not to kill him but to sell him instead, and so Azu was brought to Meryndan's city of Nestwood and sold to Karim at a high price.

Azu then suffered several months of slavery and abuse of his healing abilities as he plotted his escape and revenge, until The Wild Hunt slaughtered Karim and "rescued" him in the climax of "Chapter 9: Truth or Dare". The details of those months are for Azu to know, and hopefully one day forget.


As Azu was pursued by Reese Drumlin as an enemy for a first impression (but never harmed), their relationship is still awkward, but the sparks of a rivalry has started between the two. However, Azu was thankful that Reese Drumlin ordered Urgnak to merely restrain Azu and not kill him, and so Azu has some gratitude towards the grizzled ranger.

Skilled in the domain of healing and support, Azu can regularly be spotted behind the rest of the party in combat, although his naturally roguish nature tends to him desiring higher perches to get a better understanding of the situation, even outside of combat. An outsider not only to Meryndan but also The Wild Hunt due to his status as a new addition, Azu will regularly try to stay silent during discussion but will speak up if he's particularly passionate about something.

Azu provides a lot of utility to the party, and joined the party in the interest of protecting the people of his homeland who are likely unaware of the existence of the Nephilim Threat.

So far, Azu is still trying to find his place in the party and regain his footing as someone returned to freedom.



Cyrida is Azu's contractually obligated patient, and is therefore Azu's temporary owner under Carosi law. His relationship with her is one of shame, as he realizes that it is due to his arrogance and brash sense of justice that he is in his situation, and believes this to be an opportunity to learn patience.


Moro was strictly avoided and only watched from hidden positions by Azu as much as possible due to her full-elf position (caused by Rana's teleporter malfunctions), and only started talking to her after her father revealed her half-elf origin. Azu fears Moro's destructive power, and inwardly questions her motivations for participating in The Wild Hunt.

He however, does not question her determination and value for her comrades following the fight the with beholder, and her response to Morlum's death.


Reese and Azu have had an unfortunate first impression as enemies, and despite the issue of violent hostility cleared up between the two, it appears Reese may still question Azu's validity in joining the campaign. Reese is not the only one of the two to make diplomatic mistakes, as Azu has attempted to force Reese to calm with the use of magic, and attempted to ensure the truth in his words through magic, to which Reese responded, "You're a fucking twat."


Urgnak is likely the person Azu trusts the most of The Wild Hunt mostly due in part to his unintelligent nature lending him predictability and being manipulated. In his "rescue", Azu and Urgnak shared a few moments of co-operation, as Urgnak was entrusted with not crushing Azu's ribcage, and Azu was entrusted with not trying to escape Urgnak's grasp.

Azu gained more trust in the green-skinned friend throughout the travels leading up to Urgnak's leaving to lead the Orc nation, in which they left on good terms.


Morlum gives off this strange fascination with Azu that Azu does not enjoy in the slightest, always insistent on treating Azu like a common animal. Azu has not told Morlum, but this deeply hurts Azu not only because of his cultural values and the hardships is people have faced for their origin, but also due to how similarly his slaveowner Karim treated him compared to Morlum's behavior.

Azu's respect for Morlum has changed following Morlum's return from death, and has managed to keep his distance from his chin-scratches thus far.


Elodea is likely the person Azu trusts the least of the party. Azu has caught Elodea lying to the party on small things before, and feels she is hiding some greater truth from the party, although he will wait until he knows for sure before acting.


Fonia is trusted by Azu since the events surrounding the Wild Hunt's actions in the Hollow, but their camaraderie has a very tense nature to it. Azu disliked her non-eclectic nature when the party was trapped at one point, but respects her seniority and clear sense of purpose.


  • No one has ever cut Azu's hair outside of combat.
  • Sometimes Azu just feels compelled to climb something.
  • When Azu sleeps, he curls in a ball, and his ears occasionally flutter.
  • Azu is the first character from Carosi to join the party.
  • Azu distinctly hates water splashing on him.
  • Azu fights with an unusually defensive and untrained fighting style, with two tonfas.
  • If Azu was an Overwatch character, he would be Genji.