Ralo Drennak

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Male Elf (65 years)
Level 2 Ranger
Alignment: Recluse/Politician
Patron Deity: N/A
Portrayed by Sooperphilly


Ralo Drennak was raised in a chaotic life in Dimelivon, a life of indignity and poverty. In his home as he grew, his father often illegally poached and eventually raised Ralo to aid him, ingraining a high skill in marksmanship and an eye for small detail. As Ralo reached adulthood, he left his family behind in order to wipe his name clean and pursue a life that obeyed the law, finding work as a sellsword.

Ralo was hired by Dimelivon's royal consul to escort Jordel Merricksson to Reovere, the journey of which went about as poorly as Ralo could bear to accept payment for.

Character relations

Jordel Merricksson : A member of Dimelivon's royal consul that Ralo was hired to protect. Ralo did all he could to do perform his job, despite the difficulties survived.
Richard Miller : A survivor of the ship Jordel and Ralo sailed on. Travelled to Veritas with the two before eventually leaving on his own.
Slackjaw : A crew member and survivor of the ship Jordel and Ralo sailed on. Slackjaw and Ralo worked together to defend the other two, despite their differences. As the only living crew of the unlawfully sunk private vessel, Jordel negotiated for Slackjaw to be awarded a replacement caravel.