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Below is a modified version of D&D's classic alignment chart. The format is mostly the same, however careful consideration was put into defining the ambiguously named "neutral" qualities. "Good" and "Evil" were renamed to "Altruistic" and "Selfish" for the sake of specificity.

When making a character, you do not have to stick to only one alignment. In order to add more complexity, you may select two adjacent roles for your character to contextually switch between. For instance, if you want to play a wandering ronin archetype who has a soft spot for the oppressed, you may opt to describe him as a Vagabond/Revolutionary alignment.

Note: Alignments should be descriptive, not prescriptive. Therefore, don't be afraid to change your character's alignment to better fit how you're playing him/her.

I will uphold the status quo.
I will distance myself from societal expectations.
I will subvert existing institutions.
Motivation Altruistic
I want to help others, possibly at my own expense.
The Exemplar
One who performs magnanimous acts in order to set a standard of behavior for others.
The Mediator
Characterized by their boundless empathy, mediators try to maximize wellbeing regardless of loyalties.
The Revolutionary
Those who believe true good can only be achieved by opposing and supplanting authority.
I don't want to set the world on fire.
The Politician
Values stability above all else. Politicians are happy to be cogs so long as the machine runs.
The Recluse
An individual withdrawn from society, emotionally and sometimes geographically if they can help it.
The Vagabond
Disaffected actor who operates on whims and emotions. Vagabonds have no discernible agenda beyond hedonistic pursuits.
I want to improve my lot in life above all else.
The Schemer
Shrewd manipulators who bend the rules of society to their ends and shroud themselves behind bureaucracy.
The Opportunist
Always chooses the winning side. In desperate times, quick to desert when the chance presents itself. Pathological liar.
The Sociopath
A ruthless individual with a unique disregard for life. A dangerous ally and an even worse enemy.