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The Kingdom of Dimelivon is one of the four major countries in Arthos. They're a human majority kingdom known for their agriculture industry, large armies, and highly populated with dragons. Dimelivon is considered the oldest kingdom to be a major player in world politics. They are described as being traditionalist, and isolationist. However, Dimelians not shy from invading other nations in retaliation to attack. Being a nation that is mostly populated by humans, non-humans can be seen as untrustworthy by locals, especially from small villages or farms. This racism is mainly harbored from previous invasion attempts by countless other nations. Dimelivon has repelled more invasions than any other country, and maintains a strict mandatory service and armament policy for that very reason.


Climate & Geography

The Climate in Dimelivon is temperate and contains many coniferous forests across it's landscapes. The northern most region of Dimelivon is known as the Everwinter region, and is home to many legends of dragons and riches. There is a town in the center of the vast mountains known as Winstead, and has an unusual climate in contrast to rest of the cold unforgiving landscape. Attributed to some magic, [[Winstead] has a temperate climate during the summer similar to rest of the kingdom, but during winter it recedes back to the snowy weather like it's surrounding climate.

The terrain in mid Dimelivon contains a lot of hills and open plains. This is where the majority of agriculture is done. Thanks to the fertile soil and regular rain showers it has become the most important region in Dimelivon's kingdom. The Capital is on the southern end of this region and has many military forts and castles on the tallest hills to defend the farms in the event of an invasion.

The south region of Demelivon contains thick coniferous forests that serves as a great source of lumber for the kingdom. The southern ports of Dimelivon are popular for their trading centers but also their inexpensive ship building prices. The forests continue to wave up and down along hills but start to flatten closer to the shore. Rivers run between the hills and serve as excellent sources of water for villages and towns along the roads heading to the port cities.

The island colonies to the west contain very rocky and treacherous waters. Tall rock spires jut out form the water, and just under the water's surface rocks claim the lives of many ships and sailors who do not know the proper routes. The island colonies are some of the most difficult regions to invade if something like that were to ever occur.

Indigenous Monsters

It's all just fucking bears. Bears everywhere.

"Hold up, there's a bear just ahead. See her?"
- The Tutorial, 2011

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  • Goblins
  • Hags
  • Banderhobb
  • Barghest
  • Guard Drakes


Due to the kingdom's heritage, the majority of the population has remained human since its founding. Small populations of Dwarves and Elves have immigrated in search of simpler farming lives.





Often adopting hardy reliable methods to every day life, Dimelians typically don't delve into magic. They do however, feature some of the best Fighters and Rogues in the world. They often see magic as a form of cheating, and are disgusted at the sight of it. Druids are banned entirely from Dimelivon. Druids are seen as witches and cannibals, complete savages that use nature to allure people into their traps. In the late 1000s Dimelians had something like a civil war but it was a very one sided. Without a proper war to fight and following their ally Reovere's failure in their own civil war, the Dimelian government turned to blame the Druids in the forests and mountains. Creating propaganda against them, turning the local populous against the Druid nomads and capturing them to burn them. This bolstered the bounty hunting and mercenary business in Demlivon as well, bringing large amounts of purchasable military forces for Dimelivon to take advantage of.