Jordel Merricksson

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Male Human (41 years)
Level 2 Orator
Alignment: Politician
Patron Deity: Rinemos
Refined and speaks with a drawl.
Portrayed by Feldspar


Jordel was born and raised in Reovere into a well-to-do family. He was a young adult when the civil war broke out. Fortunately, his family used their connections to flee the country by ship, settling in Dimelivon.

Relying on his charms and family name, Jordel worked his way up the Dimelivean court ladder. When the civil war finally ended, Jordel used his heritage to land himself a position as Dimelivon's royal consul to Reovere. However, the journey back was not without its setbacks.

Character Relations

Ralo Drennak : Hired by the Kingdom of Dimelivon to escort Jordel to Veritas. Jordel was impressed by Ralo's loyalty in perilous times. Their relationship is professional and cordial.
Richard Miller : A victim of the same shipwreck as Jordel. They traveled together to Veritas and parted ways.
Slackjaw : A crew member of the same ship Jordel took to Reovere. As the only living crew of the unlawfully sunk private vessel, Jordel negotiated for Slackjaw to be awarded a replacement caravel.