Modern Mondays #26: City Blocks (Snowy)

About the Map

Its been a while since I posted around here but I had some maps from the modern campaign I was running over a year ago. These maps were involved during the finale sessions as the players fought through an enemy occupied city during a snowstorm in order to infiltrate the enemies’ main base (see next week for that). I’ll be uploading a few more maps from my archive as I go.

Tips From the Map Maker

I know that it being snow means that it’s less useful for some people, unfortunately the snow at the time actually made it a lot easier for me to make the maps at the time as I got really good at using bevel effects to make snow piles on objects, but lining up foliage and road markers takes a long time. I was able to circumvent a lot of work by having it take place in winter; which was always the plan in the long run. At the end of the day, next weeks maps will be much more useful for everyone as they are mostly large building interiors and avoid these pesky outdoor problems.

Special Thanks

Map assets for interiors by Brass Badger Workshop. Go support their awesome content! They have been supportive and these maps wouldn’t be possible without them. Roads, floors, streets, and even building layouts doors and windows are made using those assets.

Blank City Blocks

City Blocks with Buildings

City Blocks with Interiors

City Blocks Park



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  1. Just wanna say your maps and tokens have helped me hugely in a lot of modern games. Hope you keep making stuff like this man, it’s fantastic!

  2. A pleasure, I have a few more to post from my backlog, I’ve been doing a fantasy campaign recently so I have quite a bit of Fantasy Friday posts lined up but when I return to my modern campaign I’ll get back to posting here for sure.

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