Modern Mondays #24: Research Lab

About the Map

This map is the interior of a warehouse used for experimental technologies development and testing. They find helpful NPCs who can work on upgrades to their gear and tech. featuring a helicopter drone, a UGV, a solar powered transport truck, and a linear device that seems to be having tests of something (I’ll leave that one for you to decide).

Tips From the Map Maker

While most of the warehouse itself is military themed in nature, you could also construed some background of this warehouse being an underground weapons R&D facility, or some kind of military installation elsewhere.

Special Thanks

Brass Badger Workshop provides us with some great flooring in this map. I also used the double yellow line from the roads pack in an interesting way. They lines actually mark the massive rolling scaffold that can travel up and down the warehouse. The rest of the assets can be taken from image compositing in Arma 3.



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  1. Is there any chance I could get those Arma 3 asset images?
    Or how exactly did you make them?
    Considering buying the game now…

  2. I made an Arma 3 map scenario that allowed me to scroll through all the assets in front of a green screen. I took a screenshot of all the assets from the game (it was a big folder). Then I used a batch-process in photoshop to remove the green and tighten the edges. It was a process but it ended up giving me a lot of neat assets. It’s too big of a folder to share openly but if you know something specific from the game you want I can send it to you.

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