Modern Mondays #18: Night at the Library

About the Map

This map was designed for a mission where the players were trying to find out knowledge about various things in the campaign. There is also an AI Assistant named Index that shows a little holographic representation of an eye over that blue lit table. There is also a secret entrance with a keypad to go into the server room which keeps a massive archive of files and information from the internet.

Tips From the Map Maker

A library is a very useful place to put the players because it allows them to search for exposition and world lore that is normally not accessible to individuals or biased parties. In a post Apocalypse world, a library can be an incredible useful building full of practical information as well such as chemistry, engineering, and biology.

Special Thanks

Brass Badger Workshop floors, furniture and walls are on display here. Using a combination of the interiors pack and the office pack to give that commercial yet cozy feeling.


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