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Port of Lamos Da

Caros, also known as "the homeland" is the continent just southwest of Meryndan. It is thought to be the birthplace of man and beast.


When the Ancients abandoned the world in favor of constructing anew, they gifted the Golden Sea to a pair of divine lovers by the name of Sól, the and La Lúa. In exchange for the power to create life, the Ancients placed a nascent, sleeping soul upon the land that, when awoken would rupture the balance of harmony and discord. Using the potent magic delivered to them by the Ancients, they quickly thrust the being beneath the sea so that no longer could it cultivate it's destructive power. The lovers did not realize that the repercussions would be so swift, as their perfect landmass ripped directly down the center and in time would slowly thrust further and further away from it's adjacent coast. The cataclysmic circumstance dismantled the loving relationship between the two gods, and have since led separate. It is unknown that if the great threat deep beneath the Carosi Canal remains still.

The governments of Caros have been instilled since the beginning of civilization. The Sandwyrm Conclave functions as the primary legislative authority of the Soverign of Southern Caros while the Northern Caros Serpentine hold power through a federal monarchy, enlisting a Prophet through the Pha Naga regulation. While the two lands have not waged war on the other, tensions have remained high for centuries as the fight for superiority is a dispute not so easily won.

Despite the fact many citizens in Caros hold a regal and expensive lifestyle, the wealth distribution in Caros is troubling to say the least. While Carosi have become good at pretending poverty doesn't exist within their cities, it's existence is known quite well. Those who suffer hardship are often refused proper assistance and are often left to their own devices as means of survival. Due to this, the criminal system in Caros is rather corrupt. The phrase "An Eye for an Eye" is often used in jurisdictions and those who even performed minor crimes often suffer rather harsh punishment in exchange.


* Lamos Da: Lamos Da is the capital and central hub of export in Caros. It is a bright, booming city filled with grand buildings made of sand stone. The area that surrounds the grand walls of outer Lamos Da reveal vast deserts and hundreds of oases that glitter like the finest jewels. The winding golden streets which encircle one another and contain miles of thin alleys, garden terraces, and boisterous bazaars. The great golden stronghold known as the Sunspire serves as the central hub for the worship of Sól as well as the location in which the Sandwyrm Conclave convenes. Lamos Da is a hub of slave transport as the Nezzar resides within it's lower docks. Azu Mylaro was sent here upon being bought by Karim Valencia.

* Cobra's Point: Cobra's Point is the central city within Northern Caros and a city built on generations of great families and enslavement. It is a city darkened by a perpetual fog and dampened by a warm rain. The city is nestled comfortably within two craggy spires fertile with verdant and lush greenery. Similar to that of a staircase, the city is built in tiers in which the farther up you go the more lavish the dwelling. Surrounding the foothills are verdant grasslands intermingled with groves of trees. The stone palace in which the governing ruler resides is known as the Pyrrha (also known as the Sleeping City). The Temple of La Lúa is the most sacred and guarded place in all of Caros.


  • Azu Mylaro and Cyrida were the first Carosi player characters to be introduced into Everlaster.
  • Caros, like Meryndan, is based upon a multitude of real-world cultures. Southern Caros, primary Lamos Da is based on the deserts and architecture the Mediterranean, mainly Turkey and Carthage. Northern Caros takes heavy inspiration from Southeast Asian cultures, primarily Thailand and Indonesia.
  • Rana El' Shazar is related to many distinguished members of the Sandwyrm Conclave, and if not for his dedication to the arcane, he would've become an honorary councilman.
  • Caros is based off of a mix of southwestern Asia and southeastern Asia.
  • Pit fighting is a common and widely accepted form of entertainment in Caros, so much so that slaves can buy their freedom by fighting their way to the top against other fighters alike.
  • Tiefling, similar to Drow, have been hunted so vehemently that they hardly have a place among the continent. Those who do reside in Caros do so in hiding beneath the ruins of Al Bamos.
  • In the eyes of the Carosi, Merynmen are seen as uncultured and unkempt. Carosi often refer to them as "fleas".