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Landscape of Meryndan

Meryndan, also known as "the land of fleas and pretty pictures" is the continent in which most of the action in Everlaster takes place.


The true history of Meryndan is rather muddled. Stories range from extravagant and grant tales of ancient creatures that once roamed, giving birth to creatures to tend to it's expanse; To tales of simplicity such as it came hidden deep within a glacier and melted where it sat. The continent was once called Mer, translating to "green" in the Drow language. It wasn't until the humans had constructed a proper civilization following the Everwar, the seven year long battle against the Drow oppressors that the continent got it's current name. Meryndan is named after the man who found The Mother among the rubble of the ravaged Silver Keep within the Stormlands, Yandan.

Meryndan has been ravaged by war, racism, famine, and disaster time and time again. One of the few common sayings among the people of the continent is "the world has ended before, it will likely end again". Slavery, murder, plague, drug use, and political intrigue runs rampant within the expanse. The people of Caros consider Meryndan "the child it neglected" as the Carosi people highly consider themselves superior.

The continent itself is inhabited with multiple races and is known for half-breeds. The first to inhabit the land were the drow, followed by the Elves. The arrival of humans provoked the Everwar and after seven years of bloodshed with The Mother on the side of humanity, drow populations had gone extinct and elven populations had grew dangerously low. Centuries later arrived the dwarves, who quickly allied with the elves and resided among the Gamordan Mountains. Finally, the orcs made an appearance and settled among the craggy foothills of The Chasm.

Besides the Everwar, the most notable war was the Iron War, the war between the orcs and dwarves. The Iron War left the dwarven capital of Frostburn Den razed and hundreds of thousands of dwarves dead. They quickly resorted to fleeing, and hid the remainder of their population in The Sink.

Since then, Meryndan has been split into four parts with few neutral territories. The orcs claim the northwest area of the Orcish Territories, the dwarves claim the centralwest area of the Forged Coast, the elves claim the southwest of the Elvish Realm, and finally the humans claim the largest eastern area with Drakony (Drakonia), also known as the Human Kingdom.


Notable Locations

* Stormlands: The Stormlands are a stretch of land across Drakonia that is constantly plagued with torrential downpours, thunder, lightning, and harsh winds. Those who cross are often torn asunder. Despite its constant threat of danger, some tide the storm and reside within the Stormlands without fear. Once every fifteen years, a violent storm called the Magestorm ravages its entirety for seven days and seven nights. Some assume this has to do with the birth of The Mother.

* The Whisper Hollow: The Whisper Hollow is a giant, vast green of hardwoods. The entirety of the forest is filled with a magical presence claimed by the demi creatures who rule over it in an effort to protect it's beauty. It stretches longer than the Stormlands but less than the Gamordan Mountains. Long ago, the forest was actually a long stretch of dry plains. This was until the Everwar, in which it is rumored that for every tree in the Hollow there was one innocent that died to it's horrendous bloodshed.

* The Black Forest: The Black Forest a dense, mostly unknown forest full of creatures and people unfamiliar to the rest of Meryndan. It is constantly surrounded in a thick darkness, from which it hails its name. Known for its involvement in the ancient magicks; The forest is known for having a strange, almost paranormal feeling to it. Druidic tribes protect its innards with their life and often kill outsiders for sacrifice or otherwise. The forest has a strange, purple hue and the sun never shines. Those who speak of The Black Forest peoples claim the phrase; “Not all who reside within it sleep during the night, for under the light of the moon is where they truly shine.”

* Gamordan Mountains: The Gamordan Mountains are a long, jagged mountain range covered in snow. A white blanket constantly covers the ground. The region is cold, windy, and wet. The mountains formerly belonged to the dwarves, who had their capital Frostburn Den nestled in its center. However, orcish armies waged war upon the dwarves and claimed it for themselves. Now, the Gamordan Mountains are often empty and see little travelers to their peaks.

* Hushnan (Slavers Bay): Hushnan (Slavers Bay) Hushnan was formerly an island belonging to the elves of the Realm, however, when the drow invaded Meryndan they took it for themselves as well as what was the land prior to Farshore. Hushnan is desolate, covered in plains, and what life did exist there has been plucked away by the slaves. It is unspoken of as slavery is a taboo subject that often slips beneath the cracks of “law”.

* The Hold: The Hold is a hub for “half-breeds” as it’s universally “accepting” to all types. This is, for the most part, a lie. It lacks a true governing system so crime runs rampant through its streets. However, it manages to hold a “class system” in which people are forces to abide by. The Hold is split into three portions. “Oldtown” is the lowest of the three. It’s down-trodden and has a stench of pigsties and whorehouses. Plague runs rampant through Oldtown. "Midtown" is the second portion in which the common folk reside. It’s not as disgusting as Oldtown but is still quite vile. The buildings have little room between them and the air is so hot and muggy it’s difficult to breathe. The top-tier portion is "Hightown", which is where the Bounty’s Guild reigns supreme. It’s shabby and unclean, but nicer than the lower two.


* Kingsrun: Kingsrun is the capital of Drakonia (The Human Kingdom) and the capital of Seraphism. The city is divided greatly between the poor and the rich. Kingsrun is unsightly and dirty compared to other cities in the Kingdom. The city clearly cares little for image, but rather focuses on its efficient nature. An entire looping wall surrounds its entirety to keep invaders out. The capital has been ruled by the Drakon family since the birth of Seraphism and has had no contest since. King Rossleigh tries to rule in his father Arland Drakon’s shadow, but fails miserably. Kingsrun has the sigil of a dragon.

* Malnathas: Malnathas is the capital of the Elvish Realm and home to the Velasha (also known as Thymlyssa’s Citadel). It is welcoming and invites all races without fear of prejudice. The city is kept pristine by dedicated emissaries. The elegant bridges, beautiful groves, and glass pathways attest to the Elvish standard for beauty. the people of Malnathas adore Thymlyssa. There is no house religion in Malnathas as its residents worship their leader as a god. A raven amongst a light purple banner serves as their sigil.

* The Sink: The Sink is the recent capital to the dwarves after being forced out of the former Frostburn Den in the Gamordan Mountains. Despite their reputation as being fearless, the dwarves escaped the orcish onslaught by hiding beneath the ocean. Their capital lies within an enormous cavern which leads beneath the sea guarded by dwarven warriors to protect their home from ever being invaded again. Upon being deemed worthy for entry by Lord Colejorn, those who enter are greeted with a grand and ginormous city sprawling amongst the cavern. At the end of the tunnel lies the Fortress in which the Mournmantle family calls its own.

* Seat of the Warchief: The Seat of the Warchief is an enormous city located in the “belly” of an ancient dragon. The seat itself is in a giant stone keep with painted depictions of the Bloodright, a sacred ritual in which the Warchief is chosen through. Garothmuk’s banners simply bear the color red, formerly containing the sigil of Tal'Magoth


  • Meryndan is called "the land of fleas and pretty pictures" because it's rather dirty but presented in literature and art as being captivating and absolutely stunning.
  • The elves of the Realm are considered "second class citizens" to the moon and sun elves of Caros because they have "no culture of their own".
  • Half-breeds, while ubiquitous in population, are often not given the same rights as whole breeds in Meryndan.
  • There is a wall in The Whisper Hollow called 'Meryn's Wall' that has no relation to Meryndan itself.
  • Meryndan citizens are known as "Merynmen".
  • The buck has often been considered the continent's national animal. However, the four major powers refuse to agree upon such a thing as they do most things.
  • There are a few celebrities in Meryndan. Le Petite, an orc chef who travels Thrae to spread his delicious recipes. Meywild, the young half-elf half-dwarf bard who is the frontman of Meywild and the Roundtable. Danassa T'syth, formerly thought to be the last drow of Meryndan and Thymlyssa's right hand man.