Modern Mondays #20: Neighborhood Homes

About the Map

This map was an extension of the road by the coast maps that have a 3 way intersection and can be stitched on to where the road attaches. It was designed to go with a scene where one of the players family was being captured and they needed to fight their way down the road.

Tips From the Map Maker

The road is repeatable allowing you to make vertically or horizontally repeating street maps where players can fight in a suburban area or maybe just investigating a particular matter that calls the neighborhood into questioning. Since the houses are modern and distinctly American, it would likely be a suburban neighborhood. Might update with a  grassy variant, but for now this is what it is. If you really need a grassy variant you can contact me on my media profiles.

Special Thanks

Brass Badger Workshop Roads, footpaths, and furniture used in this map. Some additional assets for roofs of houses were used as well.


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