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Modern Mondays #14: Winter Military Camp

About the Map

After the players found out their home was no longer safe, they moved to a forward operating base where the main assault on the enemies base would begin. Stone buildings and fortified structures were replaced by tents with plank floors and tire tracks in the snow. Yes, I’m aware that no armory would be this close to a medical tents, but it would have been inefficient to make the map exceedingly large just to add distance between them.

Tips From the Map Maker

The tents are transparent PNGs so you can use them in any environment, be it snow, forest, or desert. since the tents themselves are gray, it should be easy to impose some color balance of green or yellow depending on the environment you’re trying to match the environment to.

Special Thanks

Brass Badger Workshop once again providing help in a small way by allowing me to get some nice flooring in the tents rather efficiently and quickly. It’s a nice rustic wooden texture I darkened a bit and lowered the saturation to emulate the dry cold nature of winter.

Military Camp Full Map


Commander’s Tent

Medical Tents

Armory Tents


Modern Mondays #13: Anniversary Edition

Me babbling

Between a new job, my new interest in Destiny 2, and the feature creep incurring in my campaign, I was struggling to post here for a while. In honor of the first Modern Mondays exactly one year ago, I’ve set up several posts forward for the next few months that should be posting on a weekly basis on Monday as usual. My campaign finished it’s second season so I’ll be slowly releasing the maps I made throughout the campaign (which was a lot)

About the Map

This map is a police station that was originally designed for an assassination mission where the players would infiltrate and take out the leader of a gang that commandeered a large police station in Minnesota. The size was loosely based on the St. Cloud police department, as well as the inspiration for the front door entrance, garage locations, and glass window exterior. The interior rooms and layout are entirely fictionalized.

Tips From the Mapmaker

This was the first to utilize the 70x70px to 5 feet grid layout that roll20 uses. This map should fit on a roll20 grid if you upload it to the right size map. Some of the lines may not be perfect but it was my first try at grid compatibility, sorry. The unfurnished version can also be used for something like an office building, or really any kind of commercial business instead of a police station. Think creatively. If you need any specific variations like one without the lighting adjustment layers or something just contact me on Discord, Twitter, or Reddit.

Special Thanks

Thanks again to Brass Badger Workshop for providing excellent easy to use assets, half the props in these maps wouldn’t be possible without them.

And without further do, here are the maps.


Excellent for a planning phase, if your players are the type.

Floor 1

Big first floor with a big garage, outer hallway ring leads to almost all the rooms and a central staircase.

Floor 2

Server room, meeting room, records room and maybe just make them blank.