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This page is an index of all organizations in Arthos. All statistics recorded as of the year 1090.

Number Name Origin Alliance Type Workforce Note
1 The Rangers of Pomfae City of Pomfae City of Pomfae Military ~40 Elite bounty hunters that work for the City of Pomfae and hunt down criminals and defectors on their behalf.
2 The Nakiran Hunters Nakiro Nakiro Military ~120 A group of bounty hunters based in Nakiro, well trained in combat and known for getting their bounty's alive more often than not. Swear allegiance to Nakiro.
3 Oskarsson Acquisitions Company Ashon Neutral Commercial ~400 Also known as OAC (said like Oak). A company known for acquiring people and creatures for servitude and labor. When slavery wasn't outlawed world-wide, they were a very wealthy guild with a fleet of their own ships. Since the 1020s when slavery was beginning to be outlawed, it's been downhill for the company as employees leave in droves, resorting to less legal methods of trade and acquisition. Originally owned by Vidir Oskarsson from Ashon, he retired from the company in 1058 when his home nation had deemed slavery unlawful. He handed the company over to a many named Aamir Faraj who has continued running it with surprising success pulling in profits despite the illegal nature of slavery.
4 Hardy's Ivkesh Neutral Commercial ~1,200 An armor franchise that originated in Ivkesh, known for having the high quality metals from Ivkesh's mountains and very popular and expensive among adventurers.
5 Blades & Spades Kingdom of Dimelivon Neutral Commercial ~2,700 A popular tool and weapons franchise that satisfies most basic needs for adventuring gear, equipment, and weapons. While they often don't sell special enchanted items they reliably have in stock any basic weapon, tool, or specialized kit. And yes, as the name suggests they do sell swords and shovels, in fact most items have the brand logo engraved on the blade near the hilt or on a shovel. The franchise has maintained it's popularity for offering reliable gear at a cheap price. Nothing special about anything in the store except the great deals.
6 Dome Depot Valtanas Neutral Commercial ~1,400 A well known head-dressing store that has everything from ornate head-dresses, to helmets. They also include Tiaras, Crowns (both fake and real), and even masks.
7 Knead to Know Reovere Neutral Commercial ~200 A popular bakery in the northern hemisphere of Arthos. Known for having a wide variety of breads and pastries.
8 The Crystal Vial [[]] Neutral Commercial ~0 A potion store that sells most of the usual basics. Health potions, endurance potions, and weapon oils. A store known for it's limited variety, but reliability in what it sells.
9 The Phoenix Quill [[]] Neutral Commercial ~0 A bookstore, also sells quills, parchment, wax seals, and you can even order your own customized wax seal press here.
10 The Big Orb [[]] Neutral Commercial ~0 A magic store that also, as a gimmick, offers fortunes. Most people think the fortunes are just a cheap fraudulent way to get more customers though.
11 Hair Me Out [[]] Neutral Commercial ~0 A barber shop, change your hair style!
12 The Glassy Pane [[]] Neutral Commercial ~0 A store that specializes in window making, but that might be a front.
13 The Wishful Wisp [[]] Neutral Commercial ~0 A magic store that contains all sorts of potions, spell books, and magic items.
14 The Dizzy Compass Ashon Neutral Commercial ~0 A Tavern chain in the Ashon mainland.
15 Fortunes & Luck [[]] Neutral Commercial ~0 A Store that specializes in trinkets, odds and ends. Mostly small items but occasionally you have the chance to find something rare and valuable for cheap in here.
15 Buddy Wise Beer Dreila Neutral Commercial ~0 A popular beer brand that has been found in many nations, as well as several ripoffs. (Hubby Wise Beer, Wise Buddy Beer, Buddy Beer) The brand originated from Dreila, and has become a major export for them.
16 Balota Dimelivon Neutral Commercial ~0 A brewery from Dimelivon, one of the most popular due to it's balance of quality and affordability.
17 Psethia's Tears [[]] Neutral Commercial ~0 A brand of spirit
18 Erin Maku Vineyards [[]] Neutral Commercial ~0 A vineyard company known for having many fine wines. Picked from vineyards in Sienna.
19 Markt Smak [[]] Neutral Commercial ~0 A brand of spirits but finer stuff, sometimes infused with magical properties for maximum effect. Technically illegal in several countries.
20 Vinee Vin Vineyards Eglain Neutral Commercial ~0 A brand of wine from vineyards in Eglain. Rivals with Erin Maku Vineyards.
21 The Psethian Arbiters [[]] Neutral Bureaucratic ~780 An international law enforcement group that investigates and arrests criminals responsible for crimes both mundane and magical across several countries. They do not involve themselves with minor offenses of laws from specific countries, but instead abide by their own international laws that their council created to encompass the most heinous of crimes. Some include, summoning a lich, serial murder, and regicide.