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Class is the primary means by which a player character gains influence and interacts with the world of Arthos. Not only does class have profound effects on your character's personal progression and capabilities, but how the people of Arthos see them. For all intents and purposes, merely having a class confers great power which is part of what makes adventuring parties so exceptional. However it should be stressed that in Arthos, there are countless interests vying for their own power and as such, non-player characters are more than capable of honing class abilities of their own. Tread carefully and assess their competence rationally.

Listed below are the twelve recognized classes. These resources include sections meant to communicate the various ways classes manifest in the lore specific to Arthos. While a player character will almost always be of the 'adventuerer' archetype, these articles may help iron out their backstory as well as shine a light on what kind of NPCs a player can expect to encounter.