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Fighters use martial prowess, weapon expertise, and tactical superiority to outmaneuver and defeat their enemies in direct combat.

Fighters in Arthos

"I resent this idea that all I do is hit things. In the chaos of battle, someone has to keep track of the little details. Is Yari straying too far away? Is our wizard Svernius at risk of being flanked? How many bullywugs are too many? Everyone has their speciality and mine is keeping this family cohesive in a scrap. And yes, I am also known to hit things. And I'm damned good at it.

—Bragov Yol, adventurer


Fighters are by far the most commonplace class found with Arthos. The barrier to entry is low because it requires no hidden knowledge, no special bloodline, no vast sums of wealth in order to raise one's station in life through martial training. All it takes to become a fighter is a sparring partner and the determination to improve.


The vast majority of fighters in Arthos serve as soldiers in the armies of nations, great and small. While their fighting abilities individually are lackluster, their skills in fighting as units can overwhelm even the strongest of foes in the right circumstances. The generals of these armies are typically well-decorated fighters themselves or vassals and should not be underestimated in one-on-one combat.


Any important person worth their salt is going to make a few enemies. Whether they're monarchs, crime-lords, or just simply affluent, they all need basic protection. You can easily tell the skill of a bodyguard by the wealth of their employer. Simple shop owners can only hire fledgling fighters, but if the guard is in a throne room standing next to a court wizard, do not mess with them.


Highwaymen, bandits, brigands, gangsters, and pirates. A fighter's skillset and accessibility make them quite suited to a life of crime, second of course to rogues.


Since any peasant or pauper can take up a bow or spear, fighters famously get their start in adventuring. In small groups, fighters often serve as the backbone taking the brunt of the action from the front line or laying down volleys of arrows from the rear. In either case, their tactical intuitions remain invaluable despite the fighter's humble origins.