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Wizards are spellcasters who achieve control over the arcane arts through years of practice and intense study.

Wizards in Arthos

Dear Ardrienne Prophis - Director of Admissions,

If I have to teach one more empty-headed imbecile with a rich daddy, I am going to tear my whiskers out. As you know, last week's conflagration ravaged our east wing. Apparently one of the first years tried to impress a girl with a fireball in his fourth week of instruction. I don't even know where he got the spell. Even the nearby temple had to jump in to heal burn wounds, bless their hearts. Now I have to explain to Duke Coin-for-brains of Whogivesadamnshire why his special boy won't become Dimelivon's next premiere mage. North Aetheridge Arcanaca cannot survive another embarrassment like this. Perhaps the local trade companies could be persuaded into sponsoring a student or two.

—Rradi Jirromas, Evocation Department


The road to becoming a wizard is a difficult and expensive one. The most typical track for becoming a wizard is enrolling in one of Arthos' many arcane colleges. Not only would you need to live in or near a major city to have access to a campus, but the costs associated with spell components and tuition make wizardry a surprisingly exclusive vocation, strongly associated with aristocracy. Fortunately, wizards are in high demand with kingdoms looking to seize and maintain power. It is not uncommon for bright young minds to be plucked out of obscurity by moneyed interests, sent to a college or private tutorage, and trained to serve as arms of the state.

Court Wizards

World leaders have a tendency to be the targets of assassination. Sometimes these attempts are carried out by those with magical capabilities which is where court wizards come into play. Their sole job is to protect their benefactors from attempts on their life. Countless acts of regicide have been thwarted by a well timed counterspell making court wizards indispensable to the continued reign of many kingdoms. This continued need and proximity to royalty allows court wizards to gain considerable political capital and even minor titleships.

Siege Casters

The application for wizards in open war speaks for itself. A well positioned wizard can easily sway the direction of battle. However, they must be carefully deployed as they have a target on their head. Killing an opposing wizard is considered more of a windfall than killing even the commander.

Sea Mages

Some wizards choose to specialize in the niche but vital occupation of the sea mage. Their job is to magically assist fleets moving through dangerous waters or even to engage in naval combat. This applies principally to warships but sea mages have also been hired by trade fleets should the cargo be precious enough to justify the expense. While the vast majority of sea mages are themselves wizards, some clerics have been known to take on the mantle. It is common maritime tradition for the boarding sea mage to act as second-in-command of the ship.


Wizards turning to adventurism is uncommon but not unheard of. The gentry of Arthos see the move as a profound waste of money and talent which may discourage some. Still, many wizards become disillusioned with their support of corrupt institutions and decide that independence is better than servitude. Any adventuring party should find themselves lucky to have a wizard in tow.