Fantasy Fridays #11: The Hunters Guild Hall

About the Map

The Guild Hall map was a long coming project I had for a while. It is originally designed as a bounty hunter’s guild hall with a section for teaching mages, apothecary equipment, a forge, and a library as primary resources for a hunter. There’s also a large feasting hall and an upper floor with many bedrooms with different layouts. Day and night versions of both are available and I included a transparent .png export for you to place the building on your own preferred street settings if you need to.

Tips From the Map Maker

You can certainly get a lot of uses out of this map, whether you repurpose it as a simple party hall or even if you just want to make a merchant’s guild where the players can do all their shopping in one building. It’s all available to you! You could certainly replace the hunter’s logo at the entrance as well to suit your needs.

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