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This is a list of living influential/important figures regarding The Wild Hunt in particular. Historical and religious figures can be found through their proper directory on the Main Page.

Leaders of Meryndan

Thymlyssa, Empress to the Elven Realm

King Rossleigh Arland Drakon of Drakonia

Garothmuk, Warchief to the Orcish Kin

Lord Colejorn Hardmantle IV of the Ring and Father to the Stone


Princeżca Théodora Dagmara Drakon of Drakonia

Queen Teryna Rowan Dietrich-Drakon of Drakonia

Marquis Pierre Brier of Nestwood

Gargot Bronzeshield

Grandmaester Chen

Ara, Shaman of the Tribe to Rama


Kenton Sterling, Military General and Tactician

Casper Yellow-Eye, Chief Diplomat and Spymaster

Rana El' Shazar, Master Arcanist and Archmage


Roxi Leighton, twin sister to Randall, former pirate turned appointed headhunter

Randall Leighton †, twin brother to Roxi, pirate and freedom fighter

Lann Marches, last living son to the Marches nobility of Farshore

Fonia, Former Chieftan to the Warsong

Oak, Brink, and Thane Former Adventure League lieutenants turned wandering hermits

Mara Stren, former Scout to the Greyhawk Expedition turned leader to the Elementalists

Meywild and the Roundtable, Bardic band lead by a 14 year old half-dwarf half-elf, most notable for their work at The Bow & Stag

Vahlia Isyn †, Daughter to the Fox nobility turned cleric beneath the fey goddess Isyn

Khalida, Half-orc priestess to Tal'Magoth

Tigerlily, Doppleganger agent of the Myatzeh and dragon mother

Wolf, Bard and disguise aficionado

Regis Falkan, Moro's father and alchemist

Oto, Last living member of the Warsong and barbarian of few words