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The City of Pomfae is a utopia-like civilization that also is the epicenter of all maps in Arthos. They have incredibly advanced technology and magic compared to the rest of Arthos, and do not share any of their knowledge with the outside world. In order to keep their secrets, defectors are hunted, and there is no exile for punishment. It has been rumored that The City of Pomfae grants an indvidual immortality while they reside there, although it has not been proven. The City of Pomfae is also responsible for protecting The Source, which is a powerful ancient artifact rumored to be the source of all magic in Arthos. To be admitted into The City of Pomfae, you must pass a vigirous test that is as deadly as it is mentally demanding. The city has a rumored population of no more than one million, but again, it hasn't been proven.


Ancient scripture suggests that the city was founded by an entity not of this world and that the spirits of the moons Lusin and Livone brought the best people of every profession to The Source where the moons aligned and bestowed a permanent shield to protect the city from any invaders, allowing the best and brightest to work in unrestricted isolation from the rest of the world to construct the city of their dreams. This group of people was known as The Architects. The months of the year are named after the architects. The Source provided them with all the resources they could need, including food and building materials. The Architects saw an opportunity to share a portion of the source with the rest of the world, and created The Pomfaen Spire. At it's peak contains a series of magical mirrors and lenses that focus The Source's energy to be sent across the world. The energy is received by smaller spires named after each of The Architects' across the world.

Climate & Geography

- Unkown

Indigenous Monsters

- Unkown


- It is rumored to be at least humanoid majority.


- From what little information has been leaked, the city is run by a counsel of elders, with representatives of each profession.


- From what is told there is almost no crime, and any crime that is committed has extremely harsh punishment.


- The city supposedly has no need for currency, as they do not trade with anyone outside, and inside are provided with whatever they need from The Source.


- Hard to determine culture when everyone who leaves the city is hunted by the best trackers and hunters in the world.


- Any inventions that were claimed to have been made in Pomfae are likely imposters in order to sell more of a product.


- Unknown


- It is rumored that the art in Pomfae is not made by any traditional methods.