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The planet Arthos orbits around the star Aln every 252 days, 24 hours for each day. The days are split between 9 months of 28 days each. The end of each month is marked by a solar eclipse by one of Arthos' moons which causes auroras across the world, especially around the equator. While the magnetic poles remain unchanged, the auroras appear to be caused by the magnetic fields from the Source transmitting it's power across the world, in tandem with the eclipse refracting light off the edges of the atmosphere. Also visible in the night sky during the eclipse is the magic energy being transmitted from the Source originating in The City of Pomfae.


1 Sul
2 Mol
3 Zol
4 Wir
5 Zir
6 Far
7 Sar


  • Zarantyr
  • Olarune
  • Therendor
  • Eyre
  • Dravago
  • Nymm
  • Lharvion
  • Barrakas
  • Rhaan


All months in the year have the same format. There are 4 weeks of 7 days, for 9 months. Making a total of 252 days of 24 hours each. You can quickly refer to a day in the month without knowing the date number itself. Most people count the number of weeks and what day in that week, for example: "My birthday is on the 3rd Sar of Eyre". That would be refferring to the 21st of the month, but people will more likely recognize and use the abbreviated version. Specific dates are usually reserved for military purposes. Similar to how military time is employed on Earth.

1, 1st Sul 2, 1st Mol 3, 1st Zol 4, 1st Wir 5, 1st Zir 6, 1st Far 7, 1st Sar
8, 2nd Sul 9, 2nd Mol 10, 2nd Zol 11, 2nd Wir 12, 2nd Zir 13, 2nd Far 14, 2nd Sar
15, 3rd Sul 16, 3rd Mol 17, 3rd Zol 18, 3rd Wir 19, 3rd Zir 20, 3rd Far 21, 3rd Sar
22, 4th Sul 23, 4th Mol 24, 4th Zol 25, 4th Wir 26, 4th Zir 27, 4th Far 28, 4th Sar


Chryonus' Blessings (Parathist)

Basically Christmas, but on the 4th Zol of Rhaan.


Lusin and Livone, the two moons, rotate with the Arthonean rotation counter-clockwise.They are relatively large in the sky, much larger than Earth's moon due to it's distance from the planet itself, and reults in frequent solar eclipses.

Solar Eclipse

Lusin, the closest moon, causes a solar eclipse every 28 days. The first of every month is marked by a solar Eclipse. Livone solar eclipses are much less frequent or predictable. During the eclipse, the radiating energy from The Source can be seen with the naked eye, and can even be used for navigation purposes. The energy is depicted as beams of energy that reach from the city to the spires.

Solar Diclipse

A Diclipse is when both moons align in a solar eclipse simultaneously. This has only happened once in recorded history, which was when The Architects were called to Pomfae island by The Source.