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The Source is an extraterrestrial artifact that landed in the Fairdonnel Ocean 2 years after The Arthonean Cleansing. It is considered to be the cause of all magic on Arthos and is credited for returning life to the world. Its origin and true nature are shrouded in mystery.

The Age of Revival

The most immediately appreciable effect of The Source was a miraculous breaking of the clouds. Starting from where The Source landed and spreading out in a ripple effect, the ash layer covering the sky fell to the ground and dissipated in the course of mere days. Plants began to take root and the few animals surviving emerged from their hibernation. Soon too did the Prefellian races driven underground discover life returning to the surface above. Magic was now present in Arthos and with it the Prefellian races would spread out across Arthos and build a new world in a matter of decades rather than centuries.

The Age of Revival would also mark the gradual emergence of countless new creatures and beast races as a result of The Source's influence on various fauna.

Protection under Pomfae

At first, the people of the old world did not understand how things were changing for the better so rapidly. They either credited the gods or simply moved on with their new lives. In the year 185, an Ingi fishing vessel spotted a collection of bizarre structures deep within the Fairdonnel Ocean. Rumors spread fast. All ships that attempted to sail toward the island were never heard from again. For a few years the world forgot about the mysterious landform.


In 193, a Dimelivean trade ship passed near the island. Aboard the ship was a traveling druid named Fjolnag who sensed something was off about the island. The faint heartbeat that he could hear his entire life was getting louder and deeper and faded again as they passed through the waters unharmed. He told tales of the experience which turned into rumors spreading across Arthos. Wizard scholars corroborated the story when they realized the location was a primary nodal point for global ambient arcane energy. By this point, all of Arthos turned its gaze toward the island. Then, at last, the city spoke up.

We are the City of Pomfae. The Source is under our protection. Steer far from our waters or you will die.

The letter was sent all over the world written in almost every language. It didn't take long for Arthos to realize the implications of this message. The Source must hold great power. In the centuries following that single act of communication, two world powers have gone to war with Pomfae and both attempts ended in abject failure. The first war was instigated in 199 by Ignir and the second in 423 by Sienna. Surviving accounts from the latter war reported a blinding ray of light emanating from Pomfae's tallest spire followed by the decimation of the Siennan fleet. The City of Pomfae and The Source remain a total mystery.


Before The Source arrived, Arthos was bereft of magic. As of late, scholars have determined The Source's magic to exist in a few distinct forms.

Arcane Fallout

Upon impact, The Source released an imperceptible wave of arcane energy spreading across all of Arthos. The omnipresence of this arcane energy is the essence that wizards learn how to harness for their magic.
There is a particular controversy within the wizard community regarding the longevity of arcane fallout. Since The Source is no longer emitting arcane energy, some wizards believe it to be a limited resource that is slowly discharging through the increased use of arcane magic. They site historical records of wizards routinely accomplishing monumental magical feats that would be difficult if not impossible in recent years. Critics of this theory argue that records from the past are subject to wild embellishment and that the methods used for measuring ambient arcane fallout are inaccurate and unreliable.


A conduit is an object or creature infused with innate magic that no longer requires the presence of its creator in order to produce magic. Typically conduits are a result of exposure to strong arcane presence which goes as far as to explain the origin of sorcerer bloodlines and primordial dragons. Enchantment is considered to be a weak form of a conduit, owing to its low potency and need for recharging. A popular theory is that The Source itself is a conduit made from an incomprehensibly powerful entity.

The Heartbeat

When The Source crashed into Arthos, their fates became intertwined. Arthos contains within it a vast network of vital magic and The Source serves as its heart, thrumming in time. Most people are unaware of this relationship. However certain individuals, whether by fate or practice, are particularly sensitive to Arthos' heartbeat. Druids, bards, and some rangers are able to use magic by channeling the heartbeat in a variety of ways. In addition, monks focus on the heartbeat during meditation in order to learn from its rhythms and develop their ki. The heartbeat was the specific magic responsible for the birth of the beast races throughout The Age of Revival.

Planar Resonance

This is the least understood kind of magic. Scholars and acolytes agree that direct access to the The Source would be needed to study it in detail. Regardless, many believe that The Source acts as a beacon allowing lanes of communication between Arthos and parallel planes. This is, in theory, how the gods are able to communicate with their faithful and bestow divine magics. It is also how warlocks are able to traffic with certain patrons.