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Number Name Origin Leader Purpose Workforce Note
1 Adventure League Thunder Basin Artur Yasgrad Geographers ~ 250 Legates dedicated to mapping the span of Meryndan and all of it's islands while also being funded by the kingdom of Drakonia to control roadways and tolls.
2 Arcane Institute Redrock Grandmaester Chen School of magic ~3,000 The Arcane Institute (also known as Academia Conjury) is the dominant organization for the training of magic users upon the continent of Meryndan.
3 Bountys' Guild Magport Mysterious figure named "Bounty" Contract dealers ~100 The Bountys' Guild (also called "Bounty's Guild") is a guild of thieves, hit men, black merchants, and contract dealers in Meryndan that operates through the underbellies of cities.
4 Order of Clerics Gamordan Mountains Jossa McTyr Clerics and Paladins ~40 Also known as the "Assemblage", the Order of Clerics is a pious group composed of many religions focused on creating a world of peace between all beliefs.
5 Slaver's Bay Hushnan Unknown Slave dealing Unknown Slaver's Bay is dedicated to capturing able bodied men and women of all races in an effort to sell them on the slave market. The rarer the race or the more powerful the person, the higher the price. They have been established in Meryndan since the start of time and despite desperate efforts have not budged from their position of power.
6 Knight's Bane The Sink Unknown Assassins Unknown Hardy group of intrepid assassins of the non-traditional sense. They have a strict code of honor that must be obliged before entrance that requires members to remain within the group for life.
7 Myatzeh The Sink Unknown Slave rebellion ~ 400 Also known as the "Insurrection of Deliverance", this radical group is determined to acquire freedom for slaves at all costs. They believe anyone within the trade is part of the problem. Including the slavers, those who buy or purchase wares from them, those related to them, and those who support them.
8 Sandwyrm Conclave Lamos Da Xesseth El' Kladun Council of Caros ~5,000 The head of state and council to all of Southern Caros. They control everything from the criminal justice system to the monetary system. This group of high ranking officials from across Caros let nothing past them.
9 Eyes of Thymlyssa Malnathas Thymlyssa Espionage Unknown With their deadly reputation and exotic poisons, the Eyes of Thymlyssa are likely the most feared organization throughout all of Meryndan. They are everywhere and know everything all at once. It is said that nothing is sacred as long as the Eyes roam the land and no matter what you do, no matter your importance in the world, you are being watched.
11 The Wild Hunt Deepshore Badassery Fearless adventurers ~30 Originally a group of refugees who joined together to escape the ravaged city of Farshore, the fate of the land now rests on their shoulders.