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Name Domain Leader Population Note
Kingsrun Human Kingdom King Rossleigh Drakon ~ 700,000 The capital city to the human kingdom and location of the chantry to Seraphism. The city is bordering the Rhys Sea to the north and the Stormlands to the south. It's known for it's developed waterways which lead throughout the streets, it's arid weather, and stupidly high taxes. The capital building is named Castle Drakon and it's located in the center of the city surrounded by market squares.
Malnathas Elvish Realm Empress Thymlyssa ~ 2,000,000 Known as the most beautiful city in Meryndan, it's gorgeous artisan architecture is a sight to behold. The people are incredibly diverse and practice a relaxed lifestyle. The capital is located on a raised peninsula, and the only way to access it is through ship or through the dreaded Black Forest. The capital building is called the Velasha (Citadel of Dreams) and is located on the very tip of the peninsula.
The Sink Forged Coast Lord Colejorn Unknown Unknown for how large it truly is, The Sink is highly secretive and exclusive. Words speak of an advanced city surrounded by rivers of water with a large tower in the center which ticks very loudly. Entrance is only permitted through a series of arduous enlisting and approvals. The capital building is called the Mertan Dahg (Iron Palace) and is located in an unknown location.
Seat of the Warchief Orcish Territories Garothmuk Unknown The Seat, located deep within the Chasm, is spoken of as a land of molten lava and ever burning landscapes. It speaks of giant creatures that lurk the streets, turning intruders to stone with one glance. Not one tree lives among the brittle landscape as smoke makes the air hard to breathe. The capital building is said to be located inside a set of colossal dragon bones called the "Seat".