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Vera is a wealthy port city built on the southern peninsula of Dimelivon's mainland.


Vera was officially founded in 214 on the 3rd Zol of Lharvion by Hrogon Lequentis, a former military officer of Valtanas. Hrogan was posted in Dimelivon as an overseer for trade between nations. He officiated travel, immigration, and escorts for international transports.

Vera began as a port town known only as “The South Port” around the year 210. After Hrogan had started his work, he began to recognize its problems. During the first year of his work, it had been quiet, aside from the occasional pirate attack. But, that was taken care of after he led a small fleet of five Dimelivean war ships to destroy the hideout of the pirates nearby. Accounts later spoke of Hrogan being bored about the lack of action. Seeking something to ease his boredom even a little bit, he set off into the wilderness.

He wandered the forest, just looking. Not really caring where he was going. He honestly found it to be rather peaceful. A formation of three great waterfalls lined the cliffside to his north, and everything else was left... unnoticed by man it seemed. By nightfall he was tired, and found a cave to sleep, secluded, hidden in a hedge line. He awoke the next morning to the taste of salt in his mouth. And, the sight of white filling his vision. He was in a salt deposit. Knowing his superiors would be ecstatic to hear this, he set off to the town immediately.

Four months later, ships arrived with miners, building supplies, and more food. He had discussed with the authorities the details of the deposit, asked about turning it into a mine, and received ownership of it. They also discussed a trade deal benefiting both countries. The mine was founded, and later called Lequentis mine.


Three years later, the south port had become a bustling town. But, it was getting too big to be just “The South Port” now. The people who came and went frequently, asked if the town had a real name. They always got the same response, no. Hrogan now the head of Vera itself, wanted there to be a name, but was always busy with his superiors. A friend of Hrogan's, Thurian Aewanir, had recently become a knight, one who swore fealty to him. One who lead the town guard vigilantly, and was as steadfast as Rinemos himself. Not only that, but now was fathering a child, a daughter. Hrogan congratulated his friend, and wished him happy days for his family. But was shocked when Thurian asked if he would help him name the child. His answer was almost immediate: Vera.

He decided the name of the city then, the name of the child would be the name of the growing city. The name was accepted wholly by the people, and tales of the city of the knight’s child spread. Commerce boomed, and the city grew further. Hrogan had lived a full life after that, joining the knights every now and then to train with them, and fight alongside them. He died 20 years later, fighting alongside his friends. Thurian survived, leading the city in Hrogan's stead. Raising the city like his own child. This is now cemented in the records of Dimelivon's history. And is now forever known as Vera, City of the Knight’s child.

City Details


  • ≈ 48,000 people by 400
  • ≈ 391,000 people by 1000


  • 19 docks
    • 4 designed for Galleon sized vessels
    • 13 designed for schooner sized vessels
    • 2 private docks