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Character Creation

One of the most consequential decisions a player makes during character creation is the race of their character. Character race plays a significant role in writing ones background, worldview, and how the world sees them. Race also has fairly meaningful effects on a character's capabilities so it's important to understand your chosen race in and out before deciding.

Race Bonus Ancestral
Population‡ Average
Prefellian Races
Human ALL +1* Dimelivon Ubiquitous 50 Years
Dwarf CON +2 Cli Skesh Common 200 Years
Elf DEX +2 Nakiro Ubiquitous 300 Years
Orc STR +2
CON +1
Ignir Common 40 Years
Half-Race Varies N/A Uncommon Varies
Beast Races
Catfolk DEX +2
CHA +1
Sienna Uncommon 60 Years
Dragonborn STR +2
CHA +1
N/A Obscure 200 Years
Kobold DEX +2
STR -2
Atago Uncommon 40 Years
Lizardfolk CON +2
WIS +1
Eglain Obscure 60 Years
Foxling DEX +2
WIS +2
Uskya Uncommon 65 Years
Wolfkind STR +2
WIS +2
Cazul Uncommon 75 Years
Yuan-Ti CHA +2
INT +1
The Serpent Islands Obscure 100 Years
Kenku N/A Alpos Extinct 45 Years
Miscellaneous Races
Machina N/A City of Pomfae Extinct

*May choose an alternate build. See Human.

Population is determined by the following qualifiers:

Ubiquitous: Present in every major settlement in Arthos. Homelands populous.
Common: Relatively easy to find in most cities and some communes.
Uncommon: Occasionally present in cities. Usually stays in homelands.
Obscure: Rare enough that some communities are completely ignorant of its existence.
Extinct: No known living individuals.