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Game Info

Attribute Changes

WIS +2 | END +2 | INT -2 | CHA -2

Special Features

Can hold breath for up to 2 hours.
Athletics checks made while swimming roll with advantage.


Hailing from the drenched wetlands of northern Eglain, the appearance of Lizardfolk could only be described as severe, lumbering, and formidable. They stand at 6-8 feet tall are are even longer when their muscular reptilian tails are taken into account. They are covered entirely in protective scales and bear striking, toothy maws. Lizardfolk have a deceptively slow gait that becomes terrifying speed when they enter water.

Much like Kobolds, sexual dimorphism is significantly less pronounced in Lizardfolk than their mammalian counterparts. Females forgo breasts for natural armor and feature robust musculature comparable to that of males. It is very difficult for outsiders to distinguish male from female lizardfolk by their faces alone.


Crocodilian : An offshoot of Lizardfolk that thrives in the coastal, brackish regions of Eglain.


Lizardfolk are a race of proud hunters. Since their diet consists almost entirely of wild game, infants are born with teeth and learn the taste of flesh from day one.


Lizardfolk live in scattered tribal units. Oftentimes these tribes will go to war with each other to decide ownership of land and resources. However, war between Lizardfolk takes a much different form than most other cultures. Theirs is a war won by posturing, showmanship, and pitched one-on-one combat. While not unheard of, death is the exception, rather than the rule when two tribes take arms. That being said, not all tribes are considered equal and generally take two forms.

Whelpry : All tribes have to start somewhere, usually arising from a splinter group of another tribe. The goal of a whelpry is to maximize birth and expand rapidly. As such, whelpries closely resemble the structure of other races. Females are expected remain in the den to lay eggs and care for the young. Males spend most of their time hunting and repelling competing tribes. While this tribal structure is undoubtedly effective, Lizardfolk culture looks down on whelpries and considers it a weakness of spirit. Once a tribe reaches a certain prominence, they tend to change their strategy.

Exaltim : This is the true pride of Lizardfolk society. In exaltims all members, including the females, are expected to hunt and fight. Only those few who prove themselves in combat, and are recognized by the tribe as fearless, are allowed to breed. Those that fail this test are relegated to childcare and manual labor. Many of these disaffected Lizardfolk leave to form their own whelpries. Naturally, this process contributes to a decline in overall population. Life for the Lizardfolk has an ebb and flow. They must become fewer so that they may remain strong.


During the 9th century, Parathistic missionaries from nearby holds took it upon themselves to convert the "barbarians of the marsh". While they were unsuccessful in erecting temples on the soft earth, they managed to sell the locals on a form of Parathism that would become bastardized through imperfect oral tradition. Lizardfolk worship the gods, Geiana and Rinemos under the names, "Eisan" and "Mosir" respectively.

"Mosir" is often shouted by warriors during tribal conflict.



Leaving a tribe is a relatively uncommon occurrence. Once departing Eglain, they are often never accepted back into Lizardfolk society. Due to their sturdiness and unmatched swimming ability, most Lizardfolk who live outside Eglain do so working as sailors. People who have lived in or visited a port city would most likely have encountered a Lizardfolk. The farther inland one goes, the less likely anyone would even know what a Lizardfolk is.

Foreign coastal communities often welcome Lizardfolk due to their reputation for loyalty and industriousness. Barkeeps enjoy their presence as Lizardfolk tend to diffuse any chance of bar fights breaking out. Priests and scholars do not get along with Lizardfolk owing to their slow wit and bluntness. Merchants, however, love them for their lethargy as they can easily extract an extra silver or two when haggling.

Monikers & Slurs


  • Skvari


  • Lizard
  • Egling (Native of Eglain)
  • Swampkin
  • Claw Toe
  • Longtail
  • Sailscale (ship crewman)


  • Drench
  • Bogger