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"It should be noted that the names and appearance of the gods vary between cultures. While most of the information provided is from the perspective of mainstream human ideals, some effort was expended in uncovering the nuances of foreign beliefs." ~Brom Chilin, Arthonean Deities and Demigods

  • Chryonus God of Wealth & Poverty (Knowledge)
  • Elenora Goddess of Mercy & Vengeance (Death, Life)
  • Geiana Goddess of Decay & Restoration (Light, Nature)
  • Moporí Goddess of Pain & Pleasure (Life, Death)
  • Psetheia Goddess of Truth & Treachery (Knowledge)
  • Rinemos God of Peace & Conquest (War, Tempest)
  • Tychia God of Luck & Misfortune (Trickery)

Parathists call non-believers Bondis, and Bondism. The term was coined by an old Clie Skeshen translation of the word "Peasant".