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Game Info

Attribute Changes

STR +2 | END +2 | INT +2 | WIS +2

Special Features

Breath attack
Fire, frost, and acid resistance


Dragonborn are the offspring of a dragon and any number of lesser races. Alternatively, a Dragonborn may be born of another Dragonborn. Dragon blood is not known to dilute over multiple generations.

Dragonborn are generally tall, astoundingly muscular reptilian creatures resembling the dragon they were born of. They tend to be a more robust version their non-dragon parent's body type. A dragonborn with a human parent will be around 7 feet tall and wide from muscle mass. Likewise, a Dragonborn born of a Dwarven mother will stand about five feet off the ground (tall for a dwarf) and be absurdly thick-built.

Confusion with Lizardfolk

Since both Dragonborn and Lizardfolk are robust, reptilian looking specimens, they are often confused for one another. More accurately, the less prevalent Dragonborn are confused for Lizardfolk.

There are a few key differences in distinguishing the two. Lizardfolk appear more sleek and streamlined whereas Dragonborn adopt rugged features from their draconic parent like dorsal spikes. Lizardfolk and their shorter, more gracile cousin, Kobolds, have no breasts while female Dragonborn do (although it is unclear whether they are capable of producing milk). Lastly, Dragonborn inherit the scale color of their parent. Colors such as red, gold, and iridescent silver do not occur among Lizardfolk.


As far as anyone could possibly know, dragons are able to mate and produce offspring with any creature of suitable size. However, seeing as dragons are, if nothing else, obscenely proud beings, they tend to only choose sapient races as their partners. Recorded cases include: humans, elves, dwarves, and one incident of an orcish suitor.

Many scholars have attempted to explore the biologic origin of Dragonborn. The Parathistic priesthood describes Dragonborn as the result of Moporí's favor blessing dragon-kind with magical fertility/virility. Dimelivean naturalists contend that the universal compatibility of dragon genetics has a more corporeal explanation.



Monikers & Slurs


  • Drake
  • Wyrmish


  • Lizard
  • Clipwing



Metagame Info

Dragonborn is a powerful race with no outstanding weaknesses. Negotiate with your GM before rolling one.