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Physical Description

Catfolk are thin and slender creatures, standing in a range between that of a dwarf or a human. However, unlike their humanoid counterparts, they are clearly distinguished by their coat of soft fur, slit pupils, and tail, as well as their round and pointed ears atop their head. Their hands are shaped similarly to that of any other race, but also contain a natural weapon -- their retractable claws.

Race Bonus Ancestral
Population Average
Catfolk DEX +2
WIS +2
Sienna Scarce 60 Years


Racial Traits



Alignment and Religion


Catfolk are natural born trackers that therefore predisposes a career of rangers and druids in Catfolk adventurers, but others can find their trade in performance art, wizardry, or even a holistic path as a monk or cleric.

Male Names: Hemlok, Azu, Carthan, Jonat

Female Names: Alya, Shimu, Nunnewa, Zalyra, Maru