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This page include the index of all known wars in Arthos in chronological order.

Major Wars

Player Characters
War Death Toll Date Location Notes
The Pomfaen Civil War unknown 112-114 Pomfae The war that wiped out the Machina and the most casualties Pomfae ever experienced during a war.
War of Dragons unknown 284-293 Dreila, Ignir, Clie-Skesh The Primordial Bronze, Black, and … waged a war on dragon riders and sympathizing dragons in retaliation for the execution of three dragons in Nakira.
The Great Pomfaen War unknown 352-354 Ignir,Pomfae Border The war was an overwhelmingly failed assault from the Ignites. War started due to the The Karisi Plague.
The Reverean Civil War unknown 1033-1042 Reovere The war ended unexpectedly when King Tapesha of Reovere gave Halvyn recognition of their independence.

Minor Wars