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Magical Structures


Ancient Ruins


Magical Entities

Artificial Entities

Name Origin Description
The White Lion Pomfaen Gaurdian construct of Pomfae, armed with a magical arsenal that's been developed over centuries of research.
Hunterhound Finmae’en Ancient Finmae'en construct that's been split into pieces, and buried in parts.
Forgemaster's Guard Nakiran Guard constructs of the old Nakiran forgemaster.
The Guide Unaligned Mysterious silent construct that guides people around its temple.
The Black Armor Unaligned Sleeping set of animated, jet black, armor. Serves as a companion for the Guide.
The Archivist Pomfaen Construct in charge of keeping records of magical events. Utilized by practitioners of magic study most often.

Natural Entities

Name Origin Description
The Forgemaster Nakiran The Forgemaster is a blacksmith construct with authority over fire and will. It creates weapons and armor with souls attached to them.

Magical Items

Magical Items
Name Year Created Place of Origin Patron Diety Notes
Psetheia's Spear Unknown Unknown Psetheia A magical sword-spear with an enchanted ruby on the pommel.
Adamantine Tablet Unknown Unknown N/A A metal tablet that can grant seemingly endless knowledge.
The Traveler's Tablet Unknown City of Pomfae N/A A tablet that is used to travel the world through teleportation pads. Several exist.