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Not everyone can be good at everything. In fact, everyone has that thing they're really bad at. When creating your character, the GM will ask you to distribute deficiency points to certain skills. Rolls associated with these skills will incur penalties ranging from minor to major. Deficiencies are split into three categories in order of severity: incompetent, deficient, and impaired. Impairments are the most extreme forms of deficiencies and carry with them special effects, usually in the form of phobias and birth defects.

Consult your GM before taking an impairment.

Available Skills

Listed below are the skills you may select for deficiency.


This is why you don't skip gym class. Running, swimming, climbing, and lifting is hard for you.

Impairment : Asthma

  • Extensive aerobic activities incur an endurance check. Failure results in temporary paralysis.


You are not very confident on your feet, especially on unstable ground.

Impairment : Acrophobia

  • Incurs a wisdom check when near a tall ledge. Failure results in panic.

Sleight of Hand

They call you "Thumbs" where you're from. Attempts to be discreet with your hands usually result in hilarious failure.

Impairment : Tremor

  • Any action that requires fine motor skills (writing, tying a knot, shaving, etc.) automatically fails unless you can take 20.


I see you. You can come out of the bushes now.

Impairment : Flat Foot

  • Sneak checks while moving automatically fail. Hiding is unaffected.


Animal Handling

She doesn't bite, right? Right?!

Impairment : Zoophobia

  • Incurs a wisdom check when near wild animals. Failure results in panic.


You have a difficult time figuring people out.

Impairment : Autism


You don't know your anus from your arteries.

Impairment : Hemophobia

  • The sight of blood incurs a wisdom check. Failure results in panic. If the blood is your own, perform an endurance check to avoid passing out.


It's rather trivial to get the drop on you.

Impairment : Astigmatism or Hard of Hearing

  • Applicable perception checks receive -5 penalty in addition to normal penalty.


You don't do too well outside.

Impairment : Hypochondria

  • Every time you roll a survival check, you must also perform a wisdom check. Failure results in a false illness assigned by the GM along with its symptoms.


Let's be honest; you're not fooling anybody.

Impairment : Easy Tell


Most people find your attempts to be scary laughable.

Impairment : Cowardice

  • NPCs and other PCs may perform an intimidation on you against your wisdom check. Failure results in either panic or total compliance (their choice).


Crowds are bad enough, but public speaking?! Forget it!

Impairment : Demophobia

  • When in an enclosed space with 30 or more people, roll a wisdom check. Failure results in panic.