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Wounds in the ACS are handled by severity and location. All wounds are rated by the 3 Ms:

  • Minor - A wound too small to cause any permanent detriment except scars and marks
  • Major - A wound large enough to cause lasting or permanent detriment if not treated enough major wounds can cause death by bleeding out or organ failure.
  • Mortal - A wound severe enough to cause death. Extremely time sensitive and must be stabilized as soon as possible.

Wounds take some time to heal if not using magic healing. Minor wounds can take up to a week to heal fully, major wounds can take up to a month, and mortal wounds can take up to a few months to heal fully.


Wounds are targeted to several locations on a characters body. The following locations that damage is tracked is:

  • Torso
  • Head
  • Left Arm
  • Right Arm
  • Left Leg
  • Right Leg

The action of healing someone, providing first aid, or using a healing spell, you can only target one part of the body at a time to heal.


The wound type can vary depending on the source. The most common wounds are non magical, here is a table with each damage type with varying severity.

Table taken from this reddit post.

Damage Types
Damage Type Image Minor Damage Major Damage Mortal Damage
Slash.jpg Slashing
  • Parries, weapons lock, pushes attacker back
  • Last Second Dodge
  • Scratch on Weapon-holding hand
  • Deadly slash parried to wound extremity instead
  • Slash on minor extremity
  • Slash on weapon-holding hand
  • Light slash on head or chest
  • Blood gushing from slash wound
  • Unimportant limb severed
  • Organ spills out from wound
  • Vital organ slashed apart
Crush.jpg Bludeoning
  • Parries, weapons lock, pushes attacker back
  • Last Second Dodge
  • Armor/Shield takes the hit, vibrates violently
  • Parry slides to hit the weapon-holding hand
  • Immediate bruising on minor extremity
  • Immediate bruising on weapon-holding hand
  • Breath taken away
  • Bone-cracking thud
  • Armor dents in
  • Body caves from impact
  • Head hit, blackout from concussion
  • Cracked skull/jaw
Pierce.jpg Piercing
  • Parries, weapons lock, pushes attacker back
  • Last Second Dodge
  • Armor/Shield takes the hit, not deep enough
  • Scratch on weapon-holding hand
  • Parried to wound extremity instead
  • Pierces armor on chest
  • Glancing blow on neck or vital area
  • Goes glean through extremity
  • Blood gushes out of wound
  • Hits near eye, blood clouds vision
  • Pierces armor and strikes chest
  • Goes through the neck or vital area
  • Goes through the heart or head
Acid.jpg Acid
  • Equipment/exterior sizzles and smokes
  • Steam curls upward from impact site
  • Wound sizzles and turns yellow
  • Blocks with equipment, sizzling and melting
  • Extremity starts melting, showing bone
  • Equipment melts, gaining holes
  • Black, putrid smoke curls upward from impact
  • Melting extremity, smoke triggers coughing fit
  • Face melts, horrified expression, skull showing
  • Unimportant extremity dissolves completely
  • Equipment melts away
  • Body reduced to melted, smoking puddle
Frost.jpg Frost
  • Extremities go pale with cold, shivers
  • Layer of ice covers body/equipment
  • Skin goes pale, can see breath when exhales
  • Ice forms in hair, shakes it away
  • Frostbite on extremity skin
  • Extremity frozen solid, shakes blood back into
  • Shivers violently before regaining composure
  • Fingers lock up and lose sensation
  • Hypothermic organ failure
  • Mouth agape, head freezes solid
  • Comment on not feeling appendage
  • Appendage freezes and shatters
Flame.jpg Fire
  • Clothes/etc. catches fire, extinguished quickly
  • Last-second dodge
  • Slight singes to hair and extremities
  • Blocks with shield but skin visibly singed
  • Heavy burns on extremity
  • Burns to chest, skin reddens
  • Burns to head, skin reddens
  • Clothes/etc. visibly burnt, turning to ash
  • Heavy burns to chest
  • Severe burn blisters on skin
  • Extremity scorched black, sizzling sound
  • Head immolated to the bone
Force.jpg Force
  • Armor takes the hit, ripples cascade through it
  • Shockwaves ripple outward through the air
  • Extremity undulates sickeningly from the attack
  • Equipment clatters and oscillates from the blast
  • Chest ripples from the attack, gasps for air, coughing fit
  • Air around the target pulses and sways, gasps for breath
  • Skin twists/warps at wound, muscles goes limp
  • Wound ripples pearlescent, has trouble standing
  • Bones at the wound warp sickeningly
  • Blast ripples through body and warps ground
  • Chest quivers violently, warping equipment and organs
  • Whole body undulates pearlescent, vomits
Lightning.jpg Lightning
  • Sparks fly from target
  • Jolt causes body to shake
  • Momentary paralysis due to muscles locking
  • Lets out a garbled cry from shock
  • Extremity hit looks charred black
  • Extremity hit has scorched veins running along
  • Piece of extremity blown off, inside is charred
  • Muscles lock, bites tongue, blood oozes out
  • Chest is partially charred at impact point
  • Cardiac arrest
  • Head is partially charred at impact point
  • Wild, uncontrollable convulsions
Necro.jpg Necrotic
  • Slight blackening of skin at wound site
  • Black smoke rises from wound
  • Skin turns pale and wrinkled momentarily
  • Wound site dries out and flakes
  • Wound site dries out permanently
  • Wound and veins nearby turn black
  • Visibly thins, eyes roll back, shakes it off
  • Patches of hair goes gray
  • Extremity shrivels up, becomes useless
  • Face ages, withers, hair goes white
  • Wound shrivels and blackens, visibly weaker
  • Life energy sucked from face, eyes dark & hollow
Poison.jpg Poison
  • Eyes roll in head, sways slightly
  • Delirious mumbling speech, sways slightly
  • Eyes barely open, deep sign, regains composure
  • Grabs at wound, shakes head, sways slightly
  • Sweating profusely, swaying badly
  • Vomits
  • Veins at wound site turn black
  • Nearly collapses but keeps footing
  • Skin near wound turns purple-green
  • Drooling uncontrollably, swaying badly
  • Eyes barely open, vomiting violently
  • Delirious talking, foaming from mouth
Psychic.jpg Psychic
  • Face twitches with unseen pain
  • Eyes go wide, mentally shaken
  • Body tremors momentarily
  • Winces with pain
  • Cries out in agony
  • Crazes expression, laughs, regains composure
  • Face twitches violently, blood leaks from nose
  • Body shudders, can't control muscles
  • Arms go limp, blank expression momentarily
  • Delirious, cries out for help
  • Body twitches violently, nearly falls
  • Blood gushes from eyes and ears, grabs head
Radiant.jpg Radiant
  • White singing on equipment and skin
  • White sparks fly from target
  • Singes on equipment
  • Wound site sparkles
  • Flesh seared white at impact point
  • Dazzles by the bright light, shakes head
  • Equipment seared white
  • Wound site emits 1' of dim light
  • Flesh seared white, veins turn white under skin
  • Blinded by the white light, visibly dazed
  • Engulfed by white flames
  • All wounds shine outward
Thunder.jpg Thunder
  • Ringing in ears for everyone who hears
  • Covers head with shield/arms, knocked back
  • Covers ears with hands, hair blown wildly
  • Recoils from blast, opens mouth, pops ears
  • Looks disoriented from sheer force of blast
  • Blood leaks from nose
  • Blood leaks from ears
  • Blood leaks from eyes
  • Massive internal ruptures/bleeding
  • Blows body apart into pieces!
  • Blows clothing/equipment off
  • Explodes head, turns to red soup