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Everlaster is a Dungeons & Dragons 5e Edition (formerly 3.5e) created by first-time GM Beans (also known as Ari) with the help of Nitro. The campaign was first advertised March 3rd 2017 on a Discord server named "The Fambly". Many participants responded to the invitation on the server giving the campaign an initial 6 players. The initial cast was Creek Morrow, Morlum, Moro, Reese Drumlin, Saffron Grants, Rorik, and Frer'cahl. The campaign's first session was on March 4th 2017 at 10pm EST, and the players had already made their characters before the start of the session.

Everlaster takes place every Saturday at 10pm EST and usually lasts 4 or 5 hours in length. Every chapter of Everlaster has it's own theme, splash poster, and primary character focus. This wiki documents the current history of the continents of Meryndan and Caros.

Currently, the party consists of Moro played by Anna, Morlum played by Matt, Elodea played by DJ, Reese Drumlin played by Feldspar, Azu Mylaro played by Sooperphilly, Cyrida played by Natalie, Sabon played by FakeSnake, and Frer'cahl played by KC.


The world of Everlaster is a world for D&D, created by Beans. The world is ever-growing and acts as a platform for the current campaign.




Game System

Formerly 3.5e with 5e elements, switched over to 5e with substantial homebrew content.

Character Creation



"Book 1"
Prologue: The End and Beginning
Chapter 1: Stormborn
Chapter 2: The King's Lament
Chapter 3: Overgrowth
Chapter 4: Revelations
Chapter 5: Mar'naras and Ashabelanas (To thrive, To die)
Conclusion (1-5): Justice

"Book 2"
Chapter 6: The Five Stages of Grief
Chapter 7: The Keepers
Chapter 8: Bad News
Chapter 9: Truth or Dare
Chapter 10: The Red Dream
Conclusion (6-10): Faith

"Bonus Session"
Everlaster: The Harrowing

"Book 3"
Chapter 11: Insurgency
Chapter 12: Victory or Death
Chapter 13: Dismantling the Abyss
Chapter 14: Ascension
Chapter 15: To Tempt Fate
Conclusion (11-15): Honor

"Book 4"
Chapter 16: Come What May
Chapter 17: Conflux
Chapter 18: The Landsmeet (and The King's Regret)
Chapter 19: Answers Within
Chapter 20: The End