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Half-Elf is the designation given to those born of both human and elven parents. As a result, their physical features resemble a cross between their two disparate parents. Half-elves sport semi-pointed ears and a height slightly taller than what would be expected of a human. Their mixed genes usually manifest in gaunt faces and sinewy arms attached to noticeably broad shoulders.

Half-elves are somewhat rare in Arthos due to their inherent infertility.


The life of a half-elf is dreadfully lonesome. Most newborn half-elves are seen as a burden due to their inability to carry on a family name and are often victims of infanticide. Those that survive to adulthood do so as pariahs. Many opt to channel their isolation into opportunity, leaving their mark on history not through progeny, but through deeds. For this reason, some of the most enterprising and infamous adventurers were half-elves.


Some past attempts were made to create homes for outcast half-elves. Colonies like Eivar and Kanette rose out of the Nakiro frontier welcoming all loners and crossbreeds. These sanctuaries tended to become drug and prostitution dens and often did not last long due to attrition, internal strife, and abandonment.


Monikers & Slurs


  • Wayward



  • Mule
  • Bysmor